Young Workers

Meet Gaby: a nurse’s concern

Date Published: 03/03/2021 Category: Industrial Relations Job security Workers rights

As a registered nurse for the past 10 years, Gaby Norman is used to taking care of others. And that’s why, with the Morrison Government proposing dangerous industrial relations legislation, she fears for what’s ahead.

Meet Rylee: the need for job security

Date Published: 01/03/2021 Category: Industrial Relations Workers rights Working life

Job security. That’s all Rylee Miller is asking for. She just wants to know her job is safe and permanent.

New IR laws a “kick in the guts for young workers”

Date Published: 17/12/2020 Category: On The Job

Director of the Young Workers Centre, Felicity Sowerbutts, says the Morrison Government’s newly introduced Industrial Relations laws are a “kick in the guts” for already vulnerable young workers.

Clothing The Gap and the new IR bill

Date Published: 13/12/2020 Category: On The Job

This episode; a Victorian Aboriginal owned social enterprise that is a dynamic fashion label managed by health professionals and the Federal Government’s latest industrial relations bill.

In Conversation: Young Workers

Date Published: 22/07/2020 Category: Covid-19 Opinion

Michele O’Neil interviewed young workers and how they were affected by COVID-19.