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Yes! Unions for a Voice to Parliament

Date Published: 03/03/2023
Category: The Bulletin

ACTU Indigenous Officer Lara Watson joined us on The Bulletin this week, to share what a win for “Yes” in the upcoming Voice to Parliament referendum would mean for her as a proud Birri Gubba woman.  Later this year, the Australian public – some for their first ever voting experience – will be asked if…

Rates, Railroads and Relief for Refugees

Date Published: 20/02/2023
Category: The Bulletin

Interest Rates Rise A couple weeks ago, the Reserve Bank of Australia increased interest rates for the ninth consecutive time. It was news delivered along with a grim warning. It wouldn’t be the last of such increases; there were several more to come. RBA Governor Phil Lowe sticks by his decision and is quick to remind…

We’re Winning for Women

Date Published: 14/02/2023
Category: The Bulletin

The other day I was perusing OECD’s dataset on the gender pay gap. The bar representing Australia was disconcertingly far to the right end of the graph; Australia had one of the widest disparities between women’s and men’s earnings in the OECD, at over 14 per cent.  Today as I idly find the same graph,…

Share Buybacks: the Billionaire Get-Rich-Quick Scheme

Date Published: 07/02/2023
Category: The Bulletin

When I finally get around to writing my bestselling dystopian novel, it would go something like this…  There would be a handful of very powerful corporations, and they would find a way to hoard wealth amongst and for only each other.   They would manipulate a system that was already bitterly unfair and weighted against…

The Silent Silicosis Epidemic

Date Published: 08/12/2022
Category: The Bulletin

Nowhere in any of those meetings, were any workers for the company made aware of a substance called silica.

There’d Be No FIFA World Cup Without Workers

Date Published: 27/11/2022
Category: The Bulletin

Since Qatar was awarded the right to host the World Cup, over 6500 migrant workers – human beings held in indentured labour – have died.

All across the country it’s Action, Action, Action!

Date Published: 14/11/2022
Category: The Bulletin

Everyone has a bad boss story. Robyn Peeples is fictional but I could swear I’ve met him several iterations of him in various workplaces before.

Robbin’ People: Tales of a Bad Boss

Date Published: 04/11/2022
Category: The Bulletin

Everyone has a bad boss story. Robyn Peeples is fictional but I could swear I’ve met him several iterations of him in various workplaces before.

The Power of Campaigning: a Budget Special

Date Published: 31/10/2022
Category: The Bulletin

Last week, the budget offered Australians a little relief, especially for parents. This includes an injection of about $4 billion over 4 years into affordable early childhood education and care, and an expansion of Paid Parental Leave from 18 to 26 weeks.  These two wins will help mums to enter or re-enter the workforce.  …

The Youth is on Fire and They’re Unionising

Date Published: 19/10/2022
Category: The Bulletin

The conditions that union members fight to strengthen and improve, are conditions that affect young people in a very tangible way.

Teachers or millionaires: who deserves a bigger break?

Date Published: 13/10/2022
Category: The Bulletin

This week on the Bulletin, we spoke to primary school teacher and Australian Education Union member, Lauren Duncan.  Lauren effused warmth and decency. Exactly the sort of person who you would want tasked with teaching your children in their formative years.   Exactly the sort of person that it would be a national shame to…

Flexible for whom? The myth that casual work caters to workers’ lives 

Date Published: 04/10/2022
Category: The Bulletin

“Why should the people who produced the whole wealth of the world have such a small share in the enjoyments of the world, or that of recreation which was necessary for their health? Why should their whole lives be made up of eating, sleeping, and work?”

CEO fat cheque factcheck: what’s really driving inflation? 

Date Published: 20/09/2022
Category: The Bulletin

My abhorrent crime for which I am forking up well over a week’s pay was keeping my poorly insulated house warm through a bitter winter. I did this mostly for my baby daughter.

The Jobs and Skills Summit: what can be achieved when we listen to everyone

Date Published: 13/09/2022
Category: The Bulletin

ACTU Secretary Sally McManus joined us on The Bulletin this week to reflect on what came out of the Jobs and Skills Summit.

Resorting to child labour instead of bettering wages and conditions?

Date Published: 06/09/2022
Category: The Bulletin

Hiring 13-year-olds is a recipe for exploitative disaster. They would be paid even less than their 15-year-old counterparts and, owing to their age, would have so little voice and agency in their workplaces.

Workers deserve easy access to the bargaining system

Date Published: 30/08/2022
Category: The Bulletin

It is important to remember that the steady decline in enterprise bargaining is one of several factors contributing to this stagnation of wages.