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CEO fat cheque factcheck: what’s really driving inflation? 

Date Published: 20/09/2022
Category: The Bulletin

My abhorrent crime for which I am forking up well over a week’s pay was keeping my poorly insulated house warm through a bitter winter. I did this mostly for my baby daughter.

The Jobs and Skills Summit: what can be achieved when we listen to everyone

Date Published: 13/09/2022
Category: The Bulletin

ACTU Secretary Sally McManus joined us on The Bulletin this week to reflect on what came out of the Jobs and Skills Summit.

Resorting to child labour instead of bettering wages and conditions?

Date Published: 06/09/2022
Category: The Bulletin

Hiring 13-year-olds is a recipe for exploitative disaster. They would be paid even less than their 15-year-old counterparts and, owing to their age, would have so little voice and agency in their workplaces.

Workers deserve easy access to the bargaining system

Date Published: 30/08/2022
Category: The Bulletin

It is important to remember that the steady decline in enterprise bargaining is one of several factors contributing to this stagnation of wages.