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ACTU mourns loss of New Zealand union leader Helen Kelly

The trade union movement has suffered a devastating loss, with the passing yesterday of Helen Kelly, the former President of New Zealand’s Council of Trade Unions.

Underemployment a growing concern

Last week’s ABS employment data raised the usual discussion about unemployment trends across the country. But one key are overlooked by many is perhaps the most worrying part of the release: underemployment is becoming the norm.

Questions at Work

My boss has asked me to get an ABN

Alanna asks: I  work as a permanent staff member in the kitchen out the back of a gourmet shop making cakes and biscuits, which are sold in the shop. I've been paid my wages every week but last Friday my boss asked me to get an ABN. He said I  could do the same hours but instead of paying my wages by the hour he'd buy what I'd made from me if he needed stock. I don't know what this means. Why would he want to do that suddenly? He says it's a really good opportunity for me but I'm not sure.

Unpaid wages

Jordan asks:
I am currently working for a company that is not paying our tax or super and doesn't give us pay slips. They also haven’t paid the five workers here anything in a month. We don’t know what to do. I know we could just leave but then we’ll never get our money. Is there anything we can do?

Support for asbestos victims

Maree asks: We just found out yesterday that my dad has mesothelioma. The whole family is just beside ourselves and we don’t know what to do. He was a builder so he could’ve been exposed to asbestos on any number of occasions. We don’t know where to turn. Can you refer us to something in Queensland?