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Member Benefits Update May 2018

Happy May Day, everyone!  In the May edition of your Member Benefits Update we urge you to join us in our 'Change the Rules' days of action, we bring you an exciting opportunity to star in a television commercial, there's news on the launch of our online shop where you can buy all the latest activist gear, plus there's three DVD Blue Planet II Boxsets to win!


New exclusive benefit for Australian Unions members

Member Advantage and Australian Unions are excited to announce our new partnership with The Good Guys Commercial. Giving union members access to over 4000+ discounted products* through your Member Advantage benefits.

Questions at Work

Job Hunting and Facebook: Approach with Caution!


Sanjeev asks:

I finished year 12 last year and I’m starting to look for a job. My brother told me I need to clean up my Facebook before I start looking. Is he right?

Do Work Rules Apply at Work Parties?

Daniel asks: What’s the go with work functions? There were drinks last week for one of the people who were retiring. My boss was there and most of the staff.  I got a bit trashed and started making comments to one of the women I work with in front of everyone. I was being funny and I was just having a laugh and a flirt with her but she got all upset and carried on. I guess I should say sorry but surely it’s not a work issue as it happened after hours?

Should Apprentices Be Paid for Going to Training?

Wassim asks: I'm going to start an apprenticeship to be a mechanic next month. I'm worried because I can’t afford to take time off from work to go to TAFE. My sister says I should be paid when I go to TAFE. Is she right?