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Questions at Work

Do I Get Paid Less Because I Come From Overseas?

ANONYMOUS I work on a plant farm. My friend at work is paid more than me. I asked my boss and he said it is because he is a citizen. Is this true?


I'm a Casual Worker But I Want to Be Made Permanent

Erinna asks:

I’ve been a casual here for nearly 3 years. Last year I asked my manager if I could be made permanent  They said they’d think about it but although I’ve asked a couple of times since I haven’t heard anything back. I don’t understand why not as I work pretty much the same shifts every week. It’s really important to me as my partner and I are saving for a house deposit and I probably won’t get a loan if I’m casual. Is there anything I can do?

Can Our Boss Charge Us For Breakages

R asks:

There was a thing on the noticeboard at work from the owner saying that those of us who worked last Saturday night would have our pay docked as a tray of glasses was dropped when someone slipped loading the glass washer and everything got broken. The notice said that to be fair they would divide the cost of replacing the glasses between us so one person wouldn’t have to pay for the whole lot. Can they do this? It was a busy night accident and it just doesn’t seem fair.

Member Benefits News

Member Benefits Update January February 2020

Greetings and welcome to the first Australian Unions Member Benefits update for 2020.  It has been a grim start to the year for many people in bushfire ravaged regions across the country and with this in mind the ACTU has established a relief fund to provide support for union members affected.  Also, in our first edition for the year we have news on the ACTU submission to the Retirement Income Review, our AFLW Footy Tipping competition is back and there are two lots of prizes to the movies to be won!

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