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Dock disputes reveals double standard when it comes to maritime workers

Date Published: 30/11/2022
Category: On The Job

Imagine the furore and anger that would be unleashed in our newspapers and on talkback radio if workers on Australia’s wharfs decided to shut down the docks without warning.


Tassie workers demand a fair pay rise

Date Published: 23/11/2022
Category: On The Job

Tasmanian workers earn on average $200 a week less than their counterparts on the mainland. That equates to a $10,000 year hole in Tasmanian pay packets.


Aged care pay rise a big win but there’s more to do

Date Published: 09/11/2022
Category: On The Job

Despite 10 years of indifference and neglect from Liberal governments, union members in aged care have carried on tirelessly campaigning for decent wages and secure jobs in their sector, driven by their commitment to each other and those they care for.


Media workers tell the ABC it’s time for change

Date Published: 02/11/2022
Category: On The Job

“It’s really clear that the people who work at the ABC care deeply about it, and they want it to run properly. They want the ABC to be doing everything it’s supposed to be doing for the Australian public.”


Aviation fire fighters sound the alarm on safety

Date Published: 28/10/2022
Category: On The Job

When you’re adjusting your tray table and strapping your seat belt as your plane prepares to land, you assume that on the ground at the airport, there is a fully functioning firefighting team that meets all international standards and regulations ready and waiting. But that’s not always the case.


On The Job reaches 100 episodes and still not out

Date Published: 19/10/2022
Category: On The Job

It has been an absolute whirlwind of a year for workers across the country – and we still have a couple of months to go. Even though we had a massive Federal Election this year, it is still their everyday stories that keep us listening.


Not OK Computer: Why workers’ data needs protection

Date Published: 18/10/2022
Category: On The Job

Do you ever ask yourself why your employer needs all that information about you and where it goes? What happens to it when you leave that job? Also, how much of that information is necessary to have in the first place?


Public sector workers come in from the cold as wage freeze ends

Date Published: 12/10/2022
Category: On The Job

This is a really important moment for CPSU members. We’ve been dealing with nearly a decade of the coalition bargaining approach across the public sector, and that’s included wage freezes, it’s held back wages growth, and it’s prohibited any improvement in conditions.


End of pandemic pay won’t cure the insecure work crisis

Date Published: 04/10/2022
Category: On The Job

Paid pandemic leave was a result of union members coming together and making their voices heard in a time of crisis.


Why multiple jobs, insecure work and anxiety is now the Australian way

Date Published: 28/09/2022
Category: On The Job

For hundred of thousands of Australians who work more than one job a week to try and make ends meet, there is never a time when they’ve truly knocked off work. Life is an endless and exhausting calendar juggle, mixing and matching shifts at different locations, on various days, at contrasting hours and for different…


Why the right to disconnect matters to workers

Date Published: 21/09/2022
Category: On The Job

Passion for your job can only take you so far though, so when your phone beeps late at night or you hear the ping of another email dropping into the inbox on the weekend, you start to wonder if it’s all worth it.


Tuftmasters carpeted by union win

Date Published: 14/09/2022
Category: On The Job

The bad faith negotiation tactic from Tuftmasters was an attempt to erode wages and conditions that union members had bargained for over decades, such as a redundancy agreement that provided three weeks pay per year of service.


Unions call for Joyce’s departure as Qantas flounders

Date Published: 07/09/2022
Category: On The Job

Joyce has tarnished Qantas’s image due to his treatment of workers. The CEO turned the tables against his own employees and stripped away everything that made Qantas so appealing in the first place.


Early Childhood Educators act for better pay and respect

Date Published: 06/09/2022
Category: On The Job

“The parents at the centre I work at have been really supportive. They understand that you can’t pay the bills with love.”


Why you shouldn’t have to raid your superannuation to pay your medical bills

Date Published: 30/08/2022
Category: On The Job

“So if you’re living in pain, then you’ve got to make a decision about, ‘Well, I don’t have the savings. Where can I get the money from?’ Do you draw down on your mortgage? Or do you take money out of your superannuation? That’s really the only option that’s available to you.”


An economy that serves workers: I’d like to see that!

Date Published: 15/08/2022
Category: On The Job

Challenging economic times call for bold thinking. So how about this for an idea? Imagine if Australia had an economy that worked for people, rather than one that exploited them.


We need a new approach to make Australia’s economy fair for workers

Date Published: 09/08/2022
Category: On The Job

“Despite being in a high inflation environment, despite seeing the costs of everything going up, those settings would ordinarily point towards workers being able to get a decent increase in their wages, what we see is more money going towards profit, less money going towards workers pockets instead,” Dan Walton said.


Rail workers in Sydney fight to put passenger safety first

Date Published: 02/08/2022
Category: On The Job

“On the network, one person every day gets caught in the doors of one of our trains. That train is unsafe if it doesn’t have a guard to do a safety check before the train leaves the platform. What can start out as an inconvenience can very quickly and easily turn into a major incident.”


Inflation spirals as workers wages stall

Date Published: 27/07/2022
Category: On The Job

Australian workers struggling to pay their bills and feed their families had to absorb another blow on Wednesday as the inflation rate vaulted to levels not seen in decades.


Inflation isn’t a wages issue and the Reserve Bank knows it

Date Published: 21/07/2022
Category: On The Job

The RBA know it well. Profits, not wages, are the key driver of Australia’s inflation break out.


While big business have their disco, unions raise the alarm on wages

Date Published: 18/07/2022
Category: On The Job

“What we need in this country is the cost of living crisis addressed through the wage packet. We need price caps on energy, and we need profits taken down a peg or two, because the people at the top of the economy, they’re having a disco”


Young workers lead the way on climate change leave

Date Published: 15/07/2022
Category: On The Job

When people say they need to help their communities in the face of climate disasters, we want our organisation to say, “What can we do to help?”


Workers carpet company for dud deal

Date Published: 12/07/2022
Category: On The Job

Don’t mess with workers who are organised and unionised.


Essential transport workers face a real wage cut

Date Published: 07/07/2022
Category: On The Job

Workers keeping NSW roads safe and functioning are too important to be allowed to strike – but not important enough to warrant a decent pay rise.


Foodbank besieged as cost-of-living crisis bites

Date Published: 05/07/2022
Category: On The Job

The lines snaking along the roads outside Foodbank’s warehouses in Dandenong and Epping on Melbourne’s suburban edge say more than any politician or pundit could about the cost-of-living crisis working people are facing.


Gender pay gap remains a national shame

Date Published: 01/07/2022
Category: On The Job

The Wages and Ages: Mapping the Gender Pay Gap by Age data report shows that men out earn women across every generation.


Landmark ruling a huge win for gig workers

Date Published: 28/06/2022
Category: On The Job

The net has started to close on big-tech companies who have denied their workers’ rights with sophisticated sham contracting, following a landmark workers compensation decision in Sydney. Xiaojun Chen died while delivering food for the Tech platform Hungry Panda. He has been recognised as an employee of the company under New South Wales workers’ compensation scheme. 


Union calls for review of Australia’s failing energy market

Date Published: 23/06/2022
Category: On The Job

As many Australians workers feel the cold bite of winter, they’re struggling to understand why they might be facing blackouts and power cuts while trying to stay warm. 


A wage rise is great but what happens now?

Date Published: 20/06/2022
Category: On The Job

“Many workers have been traumatised by their pandemic experiences. Finally, there is now hope for them that they’ve been recognised for the contribution that they’ve made to this country.”


 Who are the “forgotten Australians”? 

Date Published: 17/06/2022
Category: On The Job

When politicians pull out the term “forgotten Australians” what are the chances that they’re referring to you?


Unions win pay rise but it’s just the start for wage justice

Date Published: 16/06/2022
Category: On The Job

The FWC has decided to increase wages for a quarter of Australian workers – 5.2 per cent for those on the minimum wage and 4.6 per cent or $40 per week for those reliant on award wages, whichever is higher.


Crunch time is here for workers at Australian universities

Date Published: 14/06/2022
Category: On The Job

University of Sydney staff have taken strike action over the universities’ addiction to casualised work, endemic wage theft, overblown class sizes and workload blow outs.


“Emboldened by the possibilities”: unionised workers organise to face billionaire bosses

Date Published: 09/06/2022
Category: On The Job

Is the social contract in trouble? Yes according to Dartmouth College Emeritus Professor of Sociology John L. Campbell in this week’s On The Job.  Campbell says that there is a warning that we must heed as we watch the rise of billionaires like Elon Musk.  “Personal interest, from the standpoint of the super-rich, can get…


Wage rises: Business groups tell workers tough luck

Date Published: 09/06/2022
Category: On The Job

Rather than offering pay rises to attract workers, employer groups want to lock in a real wage cut. It seems there’s never a time for a pay rise according to the bosses and their lobbyists.


Business claims about a pay rise are beyond a joke

Date Published: 06/06/2022
Category: On The Job

Have you heard the one about how business can’t afford to give a pay rise? The truth is business has never had it so good…


How your Super is fighting modern slavery

Date Published: 02/06/2022
Category: On The Job

Most Australians think slavery has been consigned to the scrapheap of history. They’d be shocked to know that it is very much alive in this country.


Catholic school staff strike for better education

Date Published: 30/05/2022
Category: On The Job

Teaching is a challenging and rewarding job, but for the first time since 2004, union members in Catholic schools stopped work for a full day to attend rallies and marches.


An election won but the work’s just begun

Date Published: 24/05/2022
Category: On The Job

If Anthony Albanese is going to meet the promise of “no one left behind”, then Tasmania will be the litmus test.


The moment is now to change the government

Date Published: 20/05/2022
Category: On The Job

Tomorrow, working Australians have the opportunity to raise their voices through the power of the ballot box and demand change.


Morrison’s housing plan a Super failure

Date Published: 16/05/2022
Category: On The Job

Scott Morrison’s plan for working Australians has been made clear. You will save for a house or you will save for your retirement – but not both.


A change in government would mean a pay increase for millions of workers

Date Published: 12/05/2022
Category: On The Job

At a time when rampant price increases are decimating family budgets, the ACTU proposed increase is necessary for workers to make ends meet. Not that Morrison gives a stuff.


Workers stand tall to clip Qantas wings

Date Published: 09/05/2022
Category: On The Job

“There were some tragic stories. Many of us faced a financial crisis. They just threw us on the scrapheap with very little notice,” said the former Qantas employee.


Interest rates rise worsens Morrison’s cost of living crisis

Date Published: 04/05/2022
Category: On The Job

Another rise in the cost of living is the last thing Australian workers need, but it is exactly what the Morrison government has delivered.


Minimum pay on Australian farms another union win

Date Published: 02/05/2022
Category: On The Job

For the first time, workers on Australia farm are guaranteed a minimum rate of pay for all workers who were until now paid “piece rates.”


Morrison goes missing on worker safety

Date Published: 28/04/2022
Category: On The Job

It’s an appalling reality that a worker is killed on the job once every two days in this country. That is one of the shocking findings of a new ACTU report into the work, health and safety failings that have occurred under the Morrison Government.


Aged care workers ready to save the sector through industrial action

Date Published: 26/04/2022
Category: On The Job

“This is absolutely about our priorities as a country. Older Australians are the ones who built this country who came before us and who made life a little bit easier for us. We should be making life a bit easier for them.”


Scott Morrison’s war on workers is far from over

Date Published: 20/04/2022
Category: On The Job

When it comes to reducing workers’ pay and conditions, stripping workers of a voice, reducing the power to bargain for a better deal, Morrison is obsessive.


Election 2022: So much on the line for workers

Date Published: 11/04/2022
Category: On The Job

A new report from the ACTU called ‘Missing In Action on Secure Jobs’ has presented a damning indictment of the Morrison Government and its reckless indifference to creating decent, secure jobs for Australians.


Making sure we’re not dressed in modern slavery

Date Published: 08/04/2022
Category: On The Job

When the price tags on the new shirt you’re about to buy seem too good to be true, that’s because they probably are. What you hold in your hands could well be the product of modern slavery.


Insecure work driving workers into dangerous debt

Date Published: 04/04/2022
Category: On The Job

Australian workers are grappling with the triple whammy of the soaring cost of living, flat wages growth and the prevalence of precarious work. It’s a dangerous economic equation that has seen many workers tumbling through the trapdoor into unmanageable debt.


The Budget magic show full of bogus tricks and illusions

Date Published: 29/03/2022
Category: On The Job

Funny that. After nine years of keeping wage growth low, the Coalition Government have suddenly realised that people with empty pockets aren’t so easily convinced with their economic wand-waving and empty gestures.


Don’t buy Morrison’s budget bribes

Date Published: 28/03/2022
Category: On The Job

Australian workers don’t need a pay out, they need a pay rise, something that this government has steadfastly refused to make happen over the last nine years.


“The economy is workers” – why workers and unions are key to a strong economy 

Date Published: 28/03/2022
Category: On The Job

“The economy is work. The economy is workers. Until we put them at the centre of this future building of our economy, we’re not going to solve this problem,” Dr Dean says. 


Dodgy employers get Government backing for migrant workers’ scheme

Date Published: 23/03/2022
Category: On The Job

Scott Morrison’s Government is trying to establish a new Agriculture Visa for migrant workers which would once again lock in a culture of underpayment and exploitation of migrant workers in Australia.


Calls for Jobkeeper in flood zones to save struggling communities

Date Published: 18/03/2022
Category: On The Job

“There’s a high level of casualisation in the workforce there, insecure work,  and I think unless people have got something to connect them to their employer, many are going to think – I’m just going to go.”


Scott Morrison is attempting to distract us from the issues that matter most

Date Published: 16/03/2022
Category: On The Job

Morrison’s circus routine means he isn’t talking about the issues that are really hurting Australian workers: Job security, wages growth and the cost of living.


International Women’s Day shows Scott Morrison is all talk no action

Date Published: 10/03/2022
Category: On The Job

There has been lots of flowery prose and tributes delivered to frontline women workers, but applause and pats on the back don’t pay the bills, according to Ms O’Neil.


Operation Energise: workers live their values for flood-stricken communities

Date Published: 08/03/2022
Category: On The Job

It’s about helping community groups in areas that have been completely impacted, where houses have been shattered.

If we can get the local dance school up and running or tennis facility or hockey field or scout group going it gives people a bit of hope.


Aged care workers on the brink one year on from the Royal Commission

Date Published: 03/03/2022
Category: On The Job

After two years of a punishing pandemic, a failed vaccine roll-out, a staffing disaster that required the intervention of the ADF, and the incompetence of federal minister Richard Colebeck who’d rather spend his time at the cricket than do his job, the aged care sector is on its knees.


Honey Birdette: Selling empowerment, trading in sexism

Date Published: 01/03/2022
Category: On The Job

Claudia believes Honey Birdette needs to be held to the standards they themselves have sold to the public.

“They say they are still empowering women by providing a safe place to shop for their products. They’re less about empowering women, more about empowering women to buy their products.”


Get the real story on the Sydney train shutdown

Date Published: 23/02/2022
Category: On The Job

There was no strike. This was a shutdown and lockout of the workforce by bosses and the NSW government.


Couriers and drivers strike back against the gig economy

Date Published: 22/02/2022
Category: On The Job

Amazon Flex drivers will now be the first in the world to enjoy enforceable rates of pay along with rights to dispute resolution, union representation and collective bargaining.


Disability advocates warn COVID remains a deadly threat

Date Published: 21/02/2022
Category: On The Job

“We don’t have a choice about if we are going to be exposed to COVID or not if we are in receipt of daily care.”


Jumping the gender pay gap still a leap too far

Date Published: 14/02/2022
Category: On The Job

“These things all fit together. If we’re going to fix the gender pay gap, if we’re going to make women more equal, we have got to have a commitment to free universal childcare and change the laws so that we can get proper recognition for the skills and jobs that women do.”


Now’s the time for the Super threshold to go

Date Published: 10/02/2022
Category: On The Job

“The removal of the threshold is a critical step in closing the gender gap in superannuation, and one which has been promised and re-promised by this government for almost 12 months,” Michele O’Neil said.

“The time for action is well overdue.”


Exploitation still the main harvest for visa workers

Date Published: 08/02/2022
Category: On The Job

Another worker told the inquiry that in one 64-hour work week his wage totalled $100 and that he had to share a kitchen with 60 other workers.

“We contribute a lot in this economy, we need fairness, you should treat us like Australians,” another worker told the Senate Committee.


$400 for your vote – aged care workers say no

Date Published: 03/02/2022
Category: On The Job

What price for the vote of an aged care worker? For an increasingly desperate Scott Morrison, it would seem it’s a paltry $400.


Making our own RATs – I’d like to see that!

Date Published: 31/01/2022
Category: On The Job

When speaking with On the Job, Whiting was quick to point out that several Australian companies were already producing RATs, but had shifted their manufacturing offshore to North America and Europe due to lack of government support.


Rip our workers off? Commonwealth Bank’s Can Do attitude

Date Published: 31/01/2022
Category: On The Job

When you’re at work, it’s the little things you look forward to that can get you through the day. That cup of tea and a biscuit mid-morning to clear your head, or that coffee you’ve promised yourself later in the afternoon that will help you get to the finish line for another day. Those breaks…


Are back to school COVID rules protecting workers

Date Published: 24/01/2022
Category: On The Job

It has been another uneasy summer for teachers around much of Australia. Having navigated nearly two years of challenging online learning, teachers watched as the Omicron variant sent COVID-19 infections through the roof, making a return to the classroom in 2022 a challenging proposition. “This was the time of the year when teachers and principals…


Workers and Unions know workplace health and safety – so why is Morrison ignoring them?

Date Published: 20/01/2022
Category: On The Job

Of course, it was all smirk and mirrors, and as we head into the third year of an increasingly gruelling pandemic, Australian workers are under no illusions about whether the Prime Minister is putting their health and safety first.


Why teachers in NSW are striking today

Date Published: 06/12/2021
Category: On The Job

Alice Leung is devoted to her job as a science teacher at a school in Sydney’s inner west.


Ending the labour-hire racket

Date Published: 02/12/2021
Category: On The Job

There are some things that are easy to understand. Like the simple principle that you if two people are doing the same job they should get the same pay.


Making our workplaces safe IS a race.

Date Published: 29/11/2021
Category: On The Job

The world of work will never be quite the same after the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. How it will look and what impact it will have on workers is still to be determined.


Scott Morrison’s Great Strollout

Date Published: 22/11/2021
Category: On The Job

The Prime Minister has managed a unique feat in creating a piece of history by doing as little as he possibly can.


EV’s, Australian manufacturing and how we can make it happen

Date Published: 17/11/2021
Category: On The Job

In one fell swoop, the king of spin has decreed that our weekends are safe from the tyranny of electric vehicles (EV’s).


Workers deliver a message – we won’t accept the Amazon Effect

Date Published: 08/11/2021
Category: On The Job

Sending a parcel in the mail and expecting it to arrive on time has become a set and forget ritual for millions of Australians. As we approach Christmas, we could all be in for a rude shock as global supply chains buckle under the strain of a post-pandemic restart. It’s not just customers who are…


Fork in the Road: Warehouse workers take on retail giant

Date Published: 03/11/2021
Category: On The Job

Clothing giant Country Road has had itself a good pandemic. The ubiquitous fashion company likes to project itself as being the height of domestic sophistication, neat, dignified and considerate. The truth is that this company that made bumper profits amidst COVID-19 online shopping boom is none of those things when it comes to looking after…


The pandemic trap – Workers tell their stories about life without COVID disaster payments

Date Published: 28/10/2021
Category: On The Job

As many parts of Australia head toward the 80% target of double COVID-19 vaccination for eligible people, a sense of excitement is building for a life free of long lockdowns and pandemic restrictions that have disrupted so many lives. At the same time, reaching that vaccination benchmark is a source of real anxiety for hundreds…


Queensland’s great insecure work plague exposed

Date Published: 25/10/2021
Category: On The Job

Queensland LNP Senator Matt Canavan is a great pretender. The economics graduate, whose career path led him to Canberra and a gig at the Productivity Commission loves engaging in dress ups with a high vis top on and coal dust on his face. This is our newest rendition of the fake tradie. There he is…


Are you an ethical shopper? Here’s why you should be

Date Published: 22/10/2021
Category: On The Job

Clothes can say a lot about a person, but they can also reveal a lot about who made them too.


On the frontline: Back in the ICU to help fight the pandemic

Date Published: 18/10/2021
Category: On The Job

Meet one of the frontline workers getting us through this Pandemic; veteran registered Nurse Michael Dawes.


Workers brace themselves as disaster payments near their end

Date Published: 14/10/2021
Category: On The Job

This pandemic is not over – and nor is the economic hardship that millions of Australian workers are facing as 2021 draws to a close. Scott Morrison’s decision to tether the removal of disaster payments for affected workers to when a jurisdiction reaches 80% of eligible people being fully vaccinated is certain to leave many…


Nurses face the unknown as New South Wales opens up

Date Published: 11/10/2021
Category: On The Job

As NSW opens up, already battle-weary healthcare workers are feeling anxious about what it could mean for them, writes Francis Leach


Our mental health matters: how can we protect it at work?

Date Published: 08/10/2021
Category: On The Job

With workplace mental health risks on the rise, Fracis Leach asks ACTU Assistant Secretary Liam O’Brien how workers can protect themselves.


On the frontline: Healthcare workers share their COVID stories

Date Published: 05/10/2021
Category: On The Job

Healthcare workers share their stories of working on COVID-19 frontline as our hospitals fight to keep on top of the wave of infections.


Exploitation Nation – how Australia’s farms are exploiting migrant workers

Date Published: 30/09/2021
Category: On The Job

A new visa arrangement for farmworkers threatens to further exploiit workers in the agriculture sector, writes Francis Leach


On the frontline: a paramedic shares his experience of the pandemic

Date Published: 27/09/2021
Category: On The Job

A paramedic shares what it’s like working on the frontline of a pandemic, and how the support of his coworkers and union are getting him through.


Unions – that’s not us. This is.

Date Published: 22/09/2021
Category: On The Job

Unions are about coming together to build fairer and safer future for all, not the ugly scenes witnessed in Melbourne this week, writes Francis Leach


We’ve got your back – how unions rallied for the City of Shepparton

Date Published: 21/09/2021
Category: On The Job

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the city of Shepparton in late August, unions rallied to help a community in need, writes Francis Leach


Aged Care Workers face staff shortages as vaccine mandate

Date Published: 17/09/2021
Category: On The Job

The aged care system faces uncertainty as the deadline for mandatory vaccination of aged care workers expires today, writes Francis Leach.


With over 40,000 jobs already gone, how can we save our university sector?

Date Published: 14/09/2021
Category: On The Job

With one in five jobs lost across the sector, urgent help is needed to save Australia’s universities, writes Francis Leach


Women’s safety – it’s all talk and no action from Scott Morrison

Date Published: 10/09/2021
Category: On The Job

From Respect@Work legislation to the Women’s Summit, Morrison is all talk and no action when it comes to women’s safety, writes Francis Leach


Rort Nation – why it’s on us to fight for change

Date Published: 06/09/2021
Category: On The Job

As the Morrison Government defends big business’ $30 billion rort of JobKeeper, it’s up to working people to take a stand, writes Francis Leach.


Why are we waiting on early education and childcare?

Date Published: 02/09/2021
Category: On The Job

Amidst the tumult of the COVID19 crisis, Australian families were given a glimpse of what a transformation to their lives – universal and affordable early childhood education – could bring.


Vital transport workers take a stand for secure work

Date Published: 30/08/2021
Category: On The Job Workers rights

Australians have never been more dependent on the hard work and diligence of transport workers, writes Francis Leach


ASU vaccination campaign shows the power of unions

Date Published: 27/08/2021
Category: On The Job

The power of unions has been on display as ASU members rally to help diability workers reach vaccination targets, writes Francis Leach


Why you need to worry about Australia’s latest trade deal

Date Published: 23/08/2021
Category: On The Job

Parliament is getting set to ratify the RCEP trade deal, but at what cost to human rights, writes Francis Leach


Workers caring for Australians still facing vaccine crisis

Date Published: 20/08/2021
Category: On The Job

Contrary to misconceptions, Australia’s health and care sector is still facing a vaccine crisis, writes Francis Leach


The pandemic’s forgotten seafarers

Date Published: 18/08/2021
Category: On The Job

This week on On the Job, guests from the IMO discuss the 250,000 seafarers stranded by COVID-19 travel restrictions, and thier efforts to support them.


The fair go is all but gone

Date Published: 17/08/2021
Category: On The Job

COVID-19 has continued to expose vast inequalities, drawing back the curtain on who we really are as a nation and what we stand for, writes Francis Leach


Time to act as climate clock nears midnight

Date Published: 12/08/2021
Category: On The Job

The latest IPCC report has shown that time is running out. Now is the time for bold and urgent action towards net zero emmisions, writes Francis Leach


Consultation, not coercion the key to vaccinating workers

Date Published: 11/08/2021
Category: On The Job

When demand outsrips supply, mandating vaccines for workers is not the key to a successful vaccine rollout, writes Francis Leach


High Court falls for Morrison’s insecure work scam

Date Published: 05/08/2021
Category: On The Job

A High Court ruling rubs salt in the wounds of casual workers already vulnerable to the Morrison’s attacks on secure jobs, writes Francis Leach


The billionaire space race and the exploited workers left behind

Date Published: 04/08/2021
Category: On The Job

Journalist and host of Primer podcast Alex Press joins On the Job to discuss the worker exploitation fuelling the billionaire space race.


Qantas wings clipped as workers win fight against outsourcing

Date Published: 02/08/2021
Category: On The Job

In a watershed moment for all Australian workers, union members have taken on Qantas and won back their outsourced jobs, writes Francis Leach


Magical thinking is no substitute for JobKeeper and JobSeeker

Date Published: 29/07/2021
Category: On The Job

The PM must put aside magical thinking and act now protect workers from the econmic realities they face, writes Francies Leach


Teachers are going above and beyond and paying the price

Date Published: 27/07/2021
Category: On The Job

Teachers are paying a high price their committment to their jobs as unsustainable workloads overwhelm the profession, writes Francis Leach


Australian farms’ dirty secrets exposed

Date Published: 22/07/2021
Category: On The Job

Australian farm’s dirty secrets about worker exploitation currently being challenged in the Fair Work Commission, writes Francis Leach


Labour hire companies are achieving success on the backs of working people

Date Published: 21/07/2021
Category: On The Job

Recently retired mine worker Rob Foot speaks with On the Job about the damaging effect of labour hire on mining communities.


Time to act on Respect @ Work

Date Published: 19/07/2021
Category: On The Job

When it comes to Respect @ Work for women, Australia needs urgent and decisive action not spin and rhetoric, writes Francis Leach


The war against COVID is also a fight for equality

Date Published: 16/07/2021
Category: On The Job

The inequalities that existed before COVID-19 are widening as workers in insecure jobs suffer the worst of the pandemic, writes Francis Leach


Work won’t love you back

Date Published: 14/07/2021
Category: On The Job

American journalist and author Sarah Jaffe spoke with On the Job about how ‘doing what you love’ can be a recipe for worker exploitation.


Casualisation of Australian universities must end

Date Published: 12/07/2021
Category: On The Job

Being employed at an Australian university has become a poverty trap for thousands of workers across the country, writes Francis Leach


Meet the workers paying the price for Morrison’s mess

Date Published: 08/07/2021
Category: On The Job

Workers in insecure work continue to pay the price for the Morrison Government’s vaccination mess, writes Francis Leach


Interpreters, COVID and the importance of being heard

Date Published: 07/07/2021
Category: On The Job

Interpreter Giuseppina Pungitore spoke with On the Job about the vital work of interpreters and the professional challenges they face.


Restoring union rights is the way to stop wage theft

Date Published: 05/07/2021
Category: On The Job

While new anti-wage theft legistlation is welcomed, restoring union rights is what will stop it in its track, writes Francis Leach


General Mills workers show the fight is worth it

Date Published: 01/07/2021
Category: On The Job

Successful strike action taken by General Mills workers in Sydney has shown what is possible when workers stand united, writes Francis Leach.


Liberal victory lap over as workers’ pay the price for lockdown

Date Published: 28/06/2021
Category: On The Job

Unions call for an immediate reinstatement of JobKeeper as workers pay the price for another lockdown, writes Francis Leach


Australia’s forgotten people – the underemployed

Date Published: 25/06/2021
Category: On The Job

Underemployment report shows employment figures aren’t reflecting the economic reality for millions of Australians, writes Francis Leach


Our superannuation system is the envy of the world – we must stop dismantling it

Date Published: 23/06/2021
Category: On The Job

ACTU President Michele O’Neil spoke with On the Job about why resisting the Government’s plans to dismantle superannuation is so important.


Do you know your super balance? Here’s why you need to

Date Published: 22/06/2021
Category: On The Job

With new super laws threatening retirement savings, staying on top of your super fund has never been more important, writes Francis Leach


Free trade isn’t fair trade when workers are sold short

Date Published: 17/06/2021
Category: On The Job

A free trade agreement with the UK may leave workers vulnerable to exploitation, writes Francis Leach


How to prepare for our working future today

Date Published: 16/06/2021
Category: On The Job

Ed Husic and Labor are preparing for tomorrow’s work today, and the steps we need to put in place as we come out of a pandemic


War on super hinges on Senate vote

Date Published: 15/06/2021
Category: On The Job

Superannuation is under attack again as the ‘Your Future, Your Super’ legislation reaches the Senate, writes Francis Leach


Scott Morrison’s insecure work economy won’t pay the rent

Date Published: 10/06/2021
Category: On The Job

Morrison must do more as a rent crisis emerges and the pandemic continues to wreck havoc on those without job security, writes Francis Leach.


Now is the time to fight inequality, but the fight needs you

Date Published: 09/06/2021
Category: On The Job

Author and anti-inequality Ben Phillips spoke with On the Job about how people, not government, are the key to ending inequality.


Wearing PPE at work is part of the job

Date Published: 07/06/2021
Category: On The Job

According to a new decision by the Fair Work Commision, putting on PPE should be done on work time, not personal time, writes Francis Leach.


The Liberals great Super con goes on

Date Published: 03/06/2021
Category: On The Job

The campaign to undermine Australia’s world class retirement savings program that most of us call “Super” is continuing in Parliament, writes Francis Leach.


People with disability must not be left behind in our economic recovery

Date Published: 02/06/2021
Category: On The Job

Can people with a disability achieve equality in the workplace? Sam Connor is fighting for their rights in a pandemic economy.


Let down in lockdown – Scott Morrison abandons Victoria

Date Published: 31/05/2021
Category: On The Job

In a display of incompetance and indifference, the Morrison Government has abandoned workers needing assistance, writes Francis Leach


Insecure workers punished as lockdown strikes again

Date Published: 28/05/2021
Category: On The Job

Another lockdown has again exposed how the insecure work economy is hurting workers, writes Francis Leach


“It’s economic bullsh*t” – why Wayne Swan says the casualisation of work has to stop

Date Published: 25/05/2021
Category: On The Job

Former Treasurer Wayne Swan tells On The Job his take on the state of the Australian economy and the issues facing workers today.


Frydenberg’s economic strategy – say one thing, do another.

Date Published: 24/05/2021
Category: On The Job

It’s say one thing, do another as the Government banks on consumer spending for our recovery while arguing against a pay rise for workers.


Deliveroo decision changes the game for workers

Date Published: 19/05/2021
Category: On The Job

A landmark ruling has changed the game for gig workers and the tech-giant platforms like Deliveroo and Uber Eats, who try to exploit them, writes Francis Leach.


Is journalism in Australia under threat?

Date Published: 19/05/2021
Category: On The Job

Award-winning journalist Ginger Gorman joined On the Job to discuss the plethora of problems journalists face in today’s media landscape.


Josh Frydenberg’s wages trap

Date Published: 17/05/2021
Category: On The Job

The Morrison Government’s obsession with wage suppression is now threatening Australia’s economic recovery, writes Francis Leach.


Self-serving budget leaves workers out in the cold

Date Published: 12/05/2021
Category: On The Job

While Australian workers face a job security crisis, Frydenberg delivers a budget focused on one thing – the re-election of the Morrison government.


Gap in work health and safety laws sees mental health injury on the rise

Date Published: 11/05/2021
Category: On The Job

ACTU Assistant Secretary Liam O’Brien talks to On the Job about the urgent need to better protect workers from mental health injuries.


Liberal Party Budget Bingo

Date Published: 10/05/2021
Category: On The Job

From ‘Back in Black’ to ‘Lifters and Leaners’, get your bingo cards out as we run through some of the infamous hits of past Liberal budgets.


Time to make mental health at work matter

Date Published: 06/05/2021
Category: On The Job

Australian workers are being pushed to breaking point – we need better legal protections for our mental health.


When it comes to Australia’s economic recovery, ‘we have to do better.’

Date Published: 05/05/2021
Category: On The Job

Economist Professor Ross Garnaut tells On the Job that while the economy may be coming out of some of its darkest days, we shouldn’t be happy to return to the status quo.


Biden tells the world – unions build strong communities

Date Published: 03/05/2021
Category: On The Job

US President Joe Biden had used his first speech to Congress to tell the world what we already know – unions improve the lives of workers, their families and communities. Will the Morrison government catch on?


The Australia Club – hypocrisy, mates and your tax dollars

Date Published: 29/04/2021
Category: On The Job

The Australia Club exposed as another business that increased its profits during the pandemic while drawing on millions of your tax dollars.


May Day and the role of unions in shaping Australian history

Date Published: 28/04/2021
Category: On The Job

May Day is a celebration of the solidarity and achievements of workers’ movements. What is its back story and what is Australia’s unique role in the history of May Day?


ACTU President to keep the heat on Morrison over economic recovery

Date Published: 26/04/2021
Category: On The Job

ACTU President Michele O’Neil to call for a fair and inclusive plan for economic recovery in her address to the National Press Club on April 27


Challenges ahead for the ALP and unions as election looms

Date Published: 23/04/2021
Category: On The Job

National Assistant Secretary of the AWU Misha Zelinsky joins On the Job this week to discuss how Labor and the union movement can better connect with working Australians to win the next election.


Sexual harassment just as prevalent today as in the past

Date Published: 20/04/2021
Category: On The Job

RMIT Professor of Work, Gender & Regulation Sara Charlesworth says rather than a decrease in sexual harassment, evidence suggests “it is just as prevalent, if not more prevalent.”


Supporting workers with the clothes on your back

Date Published: 15/04/2021
Category: On The Job

National Manager of Ethical Clothing Australia Angela Bell says fashion companies and major conglomerates have created an industry of low cost, disposable fashion at the expense of workers.


Workers’ rights finally on the menu

Date Published: 14/04/2021
Category: On The Job

Food delivery tech operator Menulog has finally come around to what Unions have been saying for years – that its contracted riders and drivers should be considered employees and given the same rights and entitlements as other workers.


Remember when knocking off work meant just that?

Date Published: 12/04/2021
Category: On The Job

As it becomes increasingly difficult for workers to switch off, unions are pushing for the “right to disconnect” after work hours.


Amazon on the attack as workers unite to expose the human cost of bargain shopping

Date Published: 08/04/2021
Category: On The Job

The world’s largest online retailer, Amazon, is not phased by much, but when workers at one of its biggest warehouses in the United States started to organise to join a union, the tech shopping monster lost the plot. US-based journalist Jessa Crispin joins On the Job this week to discuss the campaign by Amazon workers and the company’s attempts to silence critics.


The IMF gets it – so why doesn’t Scott Morrison?

Date Published: 07/04/2021
Category: On The Job

The IMF has released its latest Fiscal Monitor Report calling for continued and sustained government spending to stave off the catastrophic economic consequences for working people if government stimulus ends too quickly – but the Morrison government still doesn’t get it.


Frightening times ahead with end of JobKeeper

Date Published: 01/04/2021
Category: On The Job

Financial journalist and commentator, Michael Pascoe, says the proposed withdrawal of Government stimulus over the next three years is going to be ‘genuinely scary’.


Amazon gets cranky as workers get organised

Date Published: 31/03/2021
Category: On The Job

It seems someone has poked the Amazon bear.

The online retail behemoth likes to present itself as a consumer nirvana ¬ all good vibes, with its “fulfilment centres” and promises of giving you whatever you want, whenever you want it.


Investors are saying no to Deliveroo – here’s why

Date Published: 29/03/2021
Category: On The Job

Alexander Roxbrough has done a lot of kilometres on his bike. In his four years as a Deliveroo rider, he’s knocked on thousands of doors all over Sydney delivering meals to hungry customers.


Morrison Government green lights wage theft

Date Published: 25/03/2021
Category: On The Job

Continued wage theft has been waved through by the Morrison Government after it scrapped its own legislation to deal with the issue last week.


Vaccination the only ethical way to move beyond the pandemic

Date Published: 23/03/2021
Category: On The Job

Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) Assistant Secretary, Liam O’Brien, says vaccination is the “only ethical way that we move beyond the pandemic.”


What’s with the Liberals’ obsession with your super?

Date Published: 22/03/2021
Category: On The Job

What is it about the Morrison Government and its continued attempts to sabotage Australia’s superannuation system?


COVID-19 a year on: Our plan for a better Australia

Date Published: 18/03/2021
Category: On The Job

A year ago this week, the World Health Organisation (WHO) made an announcement we never imagined would happen in our lifetime – the outbreak of a global pandemic.


Sexual harassment in the workplace – “it’s time for men to stand up”

Date Published: 17/03/2021
Category: On The Job

Journalist and media advocate Karen Percy says when it comes to dealing with sexual harassment in the workplace, “it’s time for men to stand up”.


No more excuses on aged care reform – Australia’s nurses

Date Published: 15/03/2021
Category: On The Job

An immediate and comprehensive overhaul of the system is literally a matter of life and death for tens of thousands of Australians living in aged care.


Risk far from over for the arts industry

Date Published: 12/03/2021
Category: On The Job

Performer and producer Maeve Marsden said it has been a tentative return for many in the arts industry post the pandemic shut down.


Wage theft back if IR Bill passes

Date Published: 11/03/2021
Category: On The Job

A federal Senate inquiry will today hear that the Government’s proposed Industrial Relations Omnibus Bill will be a disaster for workers who are already struggling to make ends meet amidst the worst economic downturn this century.


Women hit hard by COVID recession

Date Published: 09/03/2021
Category: On The Job

The COVID-19 recession has been an economic calamity for millions of Australian women and its impact on their financial wellbeing could linger for decades to come according to a new report released by the Grattan Institute.


Closing the gender pay gap – there’s an app for that

Date Published: 05/03/2021
Category: On The Job

Like most women, speaker and journalist Meggie Palmer felt frustrated when confronted with gender pay gap data. But within the disheartening stats, she also saw possibility.


Aged care report demands swift reforms

Date Published: 02/03/2021
Category: On The Job

When it comes to looking after our elders, Australia simply must do better.

That was the powerful theme that emerged from the report from the Royal Com-mission into aged care released on Monday.


Serving up abuse and exploitation – Australian horticulture’s dark secret

Date Published: 01/03/2021
Category: On The Job

Australian dinner plates are carrying an uncomfortable secret.

The abundance of high quality, relatively cheap fruit and vegetables that we are serving up at mealtimes comes at a much higher price to those whose job it is to harvest it.


It’s time to disrupt the normalisation of sexual harassment in the workplace

Date Published: 25/02/2021
Category: On The Job

Hospo Voice activist Grace Dowling has a clear message when it comes to sexual harassment in the workplace, “Just because it’s everywhere, just because it’s common, just because it’s rife, doesn’t mean it’s fine.”


Sexual harassment in the workplace a structural problem

Date Published: 24/02/2021
Category: On The Job

Writer and academic Professor Catherine Lumby says shifting workplace cultures of sexual harassment is “a very, very long historical process.”


UK Uber ruling a huge win for workers

Date Published: 24/02/2021
Category: On The Job

Is the jig finally up for the gig economy?
Last week’s landmark ruling in the British Supreme Court that Uber drivers in the UK were employees rather than sole contractors may have kicked a giant hole in the low pay, no responsibility business model that the tech giant and others like it have relied upon.


Scott Morrison’s workplace laws a heartbreaker for families

Date Published: 17/02/2021
Category: On The Job

Ange Roper is struggling to make ends meet.

She lost her gig, one built upon insecure working hours and no job security, and suddenly things looked very bleak.

It means making heartbreaking decisions about your kids that no parent wants to make.


Working from home and workplace law – what you need to know

Date Published: 16/02/2021
Category: On The Job

Senior Associate at Maurice Blackburn Lawyers Patrick Turner joined On the Job with Francis Leach & Sally Rugg this week to discuss some of the legal questions around working from home.


Opinion: Scott Morrison’s same, tired, old song

Date Published: 12/02/2021
Category: On The Job

Remember, “We’re all in this together”?
That was Scott Morrison’s slogan of the week at the start of the COVID19 pandemic in 2020.
As a wise person once told me, it’s more important to watch what they do, not just what they say. In the case of our current Federal Government, what they’re doing is attempting to erode workers’ pay and conditions.


Meet an Aussie entrepreneur investing in the clean energy economy

Date Published: 10/02/2021
Category: On The Job

After spending time abroad working on solar energy projects in early 2000s, Lucinana Giangiordano decided to return to Australia to set up his own solar company, but it wasn’t the simple transition he had hoped for.


Opinion: The truth behind the Liberals’ war on super

Date Published: 09/02/2021
Category: On The Job

Australia’s industry superannuation system is a national treasure that has delivered generations of workers a decent and secure retirement.

Liberals like MP Tim Wilson and his gang of like-minded, free market zealots remain fixated on destroying it.


Clean energy jobs the foundation of an economic recovery

Date Published: 08/02/2021
Category: On The Job

Australia has the potential to create 76,000 new clean energy jobs in regions hardest hit by COVID-19, according to researcher for the Climate Council, Dr Simon Bradshaw.

A long-time climate action campaigner, Dr Bradshaw spoke with On the Job with Francis Leach & Sally Rugg about the economic opportunities of a transition to clean energy.


Opinion: Wrong way, go back, Scott Morrison

Date Published: 04/02/2021
Category: On The Job

It seems Scott Morrison can’t help himself.

As he races toward the economic cliff created by the impact of the COVD-19 pandemic he’s asked himself, “Shall we keep going”? Rather than slamming on the brakes and guiding Australia’s workers to safety, he’s determined to take us over the edge.


Opinion: Scott Morrison’s workplace laws will hurt workers who saved the economy

Date Published: 01/02/2021
Category: On The Job

Navigating the dangers of a global pandemic is not the only threat that Australian workers and their families have to deal with in 2021.

They are also faced with a threat to their job security and livelihoods posed by Scott Morrison’s proposed new workplace laws.


New IR laws a “kick in the guts for young workers”

Date Published: 17/12/2020
Category: On The Job

Director of the Young Workers Centre, Felicity Sowerbutts, says the Morrison Government’s newly introduced Industrial Relations laws are a “kick in the guts” for already vulnerable young workers.


Clothing The Gap and the new IR bill

Date Published: 13/12/2020
Category: On The Job

This episode; a Victorian Aboriginal owned social enterprise that is a dynamic fashion label managed by health professionals and the Federal Government’s latest industrial relations bill.


Clothing The Gap

Date Published: 13/12/2020
Category: On The Job

This episode; a Victorian Aboriginal owned social enterprise that is a dynamic fashion label managed by health professionals and the Federal Government’s latest industrial relations bill.


Richard Denniss on the job ahead and Sally McManus addresses the National Press Club

Date Published: 07/12/2020
Category: On The Job

We travel to Canberra to talk with Chief Economist and former Executive Director of The Australia Institute, the well known and hugely insightful Richard Denniss.


Insecure work creating economic “horror show”

Date Published: 04/12/2020
Category: On The Job

Economic writer for The Guardian Australia, Greg Jericho, says despite reports of an economic bounce back, the post-pandemic economy is a “horror show”.


A better normal after COVID-19

Date Published: 02/12/2020
Category: On The Job

Shadow Minister for Education and Training, the Hon Tanya Plibersek MP says Australians deserve a “better normal” for the sacrifices made during the pandemic including jobs “that are secure with decent pay and conditions”.


Tanya Plibersek, stressful jobs, Christmas and Greg Jericho

Date Published: 30/11/2020
Category: On The Job

There’s a new book, very questionable conditions for food delivery drivers, Sally’s found some low-stress jobs and we chat to Greg Jericho about changing employment thanks to Covid-19.