On The Job

Morrison’s housing plan a Super failure

Date Published: 16/05/2022
Category: On The Job

Scott Morrison’s plan for working Australians has been made clear. You will save for a house or you will save for your retirement – but not both.


A change in government would mean a pay increase for millions of workers

Date Published: 12/05/2022
Category: On The Job

At a time when rampant price increases are decimating family budgets, the ACTU proposed increase is necessary for workers to make ends meet. Not that Morrison gives a stuff.


Workers stand tall to clip Qantas wings

Date Published: 09/05/2022
Category: On The Job

“There were some tragic stories. Many of us faced a financial crisis. They just threw us on the scrapheap with very little notice,” said the former Qantas employee.


Interest rates rise worsens Morrison’s cost of living crisis

Date Published: 04/05/2022
Category: On The Job

Another rise in the cost of living is the last thing Australian workers need, but it is exactly what the Morrison government has delivered.


Minimum pay on Australian farms another union win

Date Published: 02/05/2022
Category: On The Job

For the first time, workers on Australia farm are guaranteed a minimum rate of pay for all workers who were until now paid “piece rates.”


Morrison goes missing on worker safety

Date Published: 28/04/2022
Category: On The Job

It’s an appalling reality that a worker is killed on the job once every two days in this country. That is one of the shocking findings of a new ACTU report into the work, health and safety failings that have occurred under the Morrison Government.


Aged care workers ready to save the sector through industrial action

Date Published: 26/04/2022
Category: On The Job

“This is absolutely about our priorities as a country. Older Australians are the ones who built this country who came before us and who made life a little bit easier for us. We should be making life a bit easier for them.”


Scott Morrison’s war on workers is far from over

Date Published: 20/04/2022
Category: On The Job

When it comes to reducing workers’ pay and conditions, stripping workers of a voice, reducing the power to bargain for a better deal, Morrison is obsessive.


Election 2022: So much on the line for workers

Date Published: 11/04/2022
Category: On The Job

A new report from the ACTU called ‘Missing In Action on Secure Jobs’ has presented a damning indictment of the Morrison Government and its reckless indifference to creating decent, secure jobs for Australians.


Making sure we’re not dressed in modern slavery

Date Published: 08/04/2022
Category: On The Job

When the price tags on the new shirt you’re about to buy seem too good to be true, that’s because they probably are. What you hold in your hands could well be the product of modern slavery.