On The Job

Time to make mental health at work matter

Date Published: 06/05/2021 Category: On The Job

Australian workers are being pushed to breaking point – we need better legal protections for our mental health.


When it comes to Australia’s economic recovery, ‘we have to do better.’

Date Published: 05/05/2021 Category: On The Job

Economist Professor Ross Garnaut tells On the Job that while the economy may be coming out of some of its darkest days, we shouldn’t be happy to return to the status quo.


Biden tells the world – unions build strong communities

Date Published: 03/05/2021 Category: On The Job

US President Joe Biden had used his first speech to Congress to tell the world what we already know – unions improve the lives of workers, their families and communities. Will the Morrison government catch on?


The Australia Club – hypocrisy, mates and your tax dollars

Date Published: 29/04/2021 Category: On The Job

The Australia Club exposed as another business that increased its profits during the pandemic while drawing on millions of your tax dollars.


May Day and the role of unions in shaping Australian history

Date Published: 28/04/2021 Category: On The Job

May Day is a celebration of the solidarity and achievements of workers’ movements. What is its back story and what is Australia’s unique role in the history of May Day?


ACTU President to keep the heat on Morrison over economic recovery

Date Published: 26/04/2021 Category: On The Job

ACTU President Michele O’Neil to call for a fair and inclusive plan for economic recovery in her address to the National Press Club on April 27


Challenges ahead for the ALP and unions as election looms

Date Published: 23/04/2021 Category: On The Job

National Assistant Secretary of the AWU Misha Zelinsky joins On the Job this week to discuss how Labor and the union movement can better connect with working Australians to win the next election.


Sexual harassment just as prevalent today as in the past

Date Published: 20/04/2021 Category: On The Job

RMIT Professor of Work, Gender & Regulation Sara Charlesworth says rather than a decrease in sexual harassment, evidence suggests “it is just as prevalent, if not more prevalent.”


Supporting workers with the clothes on your back

Date Published: 15/04/2021 Category: On The Job

National Manager of Ethical Clothing Australia Angela Bell says fashion companies and major conglomerates have created an industry of low cost, disposable fashion at the expense of workers.


Workers’ rights finally on the menu

Date Published: 14/04/2021 Category: On The Job

Food delivery tech operator Menulog has finally come around to what Unions have been saying for years – that its contracted riders and drivers should be considered employees and given the same rights and entitlements as other workers.