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2022 Competitions!


April: Win a $30 Australian Unions Store Gift Card

Stephen Tai, VAHPA, Vic

March: Win one of 10 double passes to see Morbius

Corrine McCallum, HACSU, Tas
Tiffany Fryett, ANMF, Vic
Justine Maggs, HACSU, Vic
Darrell Brunning, UWU, Vic
Luu Pham, ANMF, NSW
Charlotte Munro, SDA, Vic
Daan De Coster, ASMOF, NSW
John Marhin, Together, QLD
Nick Burong, CPSU/CSA, WA
Ross Storer, MUA, WA

Jan/Feb: Win one of 10 double passes to UNCHARTED

Gavin McIntosh, CPSU, VIC
Jannette Papani, Together, QLD
David Clayton, PSA/CPSU, SA
Tracey Davis, AMWU, VIC
Bridgette Mexted, NSWNMA, NSW
Georgia May, Services Union, QLD
Anthony McNamara, CPSU/CSA, WA
Jeffrey Bender, NTEU, VIC
Zachary Power, CPSU, ACT
Deanne Scott, AEU, VIC


December: Win of 3 Secure Jobs tees!

Rebecca McCann, SDA, VIC
Catherine Teoh, CPSU/CSA, WA
Maggie Powell, ASU, VIC

November: WIN one of 10 double passes to RESIDENT EVIL: WELCOME TO RACCOON CITY 

Chris Garcia, PSA, NSW
Sophia Wong, ASU, VIC
Danielle Brooks, ASU, VIC
Tony Clifton, CEPU, SA
Belinda Ryes-Corral, ASU, NSW
Melanie Hansen, CSU, WA
Nick Perrett, PSA, NSW
Cathy Anning, ASU, VIC
Anthony McNamara, CPSU, WA

October: Official Australian Unions Store Gift Card

Jennifer Hickey, ASU

September: Official Australian Unions Store Gift Card

Bridgette Mexted, NSWNMA

August: Australian Unions Hoodie

Darryl Auld, AMWU

July: Double passes to see Don’t Breathe 2

Note: Due to current restrictions, the July draw has been delayed. winners will be contacted as soon as it is possible.

June: Double Passes to see Escape Room: Tournament of Champions

Elly Bousles, CPSU
Daney Faddoul, ASU
Mavi Giacomello, ANMF
Melis Cevij, ASU
Peter Blumke, Together
Bruce Campbell, VAHPA
John Marhin, Together
Susanne Gantert, HSU
Colin Humphrey, CPSU
Matt Grocott, CPSU

May: Double Passes to see Dream Horse

Florenz Ronn, CPSU
Jill Banning, ASU
John Irving, AEU
Jeffrey Bender, NTEU
Kathy Wilson, PSA
Celene McMullan, ASU
Melanie Hansen, CSU
Sally Davis, HSU
Peter Blumke, Together
Wade Leaney, CPSU

April: Double Passes to see The Unholy

Corinne McCallum, HACSU
Mary Chrichton, NSWNMA
Geoff Newton, ETU
Bette Stasinopoulos, ASU
Melinda Warland, The Services Union

March: For The Workers Laundry Bag and Colouring Book

Caroline Lissman, CPSU/CSA WA

Jan/Feb: Official Australian Unions Store Voucher

Erin Matheson, HSU


December ‘Monster Hunter’ Double Pass winners

Maggie Goh, ASU NSW

Sai Jyothi Yalamarit, HSU NSW

Naomi Takita, ANMF Vic

Catherine Teoh, CPSU/CSA WA

Marty Walters, CFMEU Vic

Claire Flaherty, Professionals Australia ACT

Jorge Contreras, NTEU SA

Bruce Campbell, VAHPA Vic

Anthony Kassab, PANSW

Brian McMillin, SDA NSW

November $100 Myer eGift Card winner


‘Happiest Season’ Double Pass winners

Jennifer Hickey, ASU Tas

Lisa Brearley, MSAV Vic

Luke Krause, HSU NSW

Elaine McCready, CPSU/CSA SA

Justine Maggs, HACSU Vic

Graham Philipse, CPSU ACT

Jamie Hart, UFUA SA

Rebecca McCann, CPSU Vic

Josie Buhagiar, NSWNMA

Cathy Anning, ASU Private Sector Vic

October $50 WISH eGift Card winners

Min Ng, VAHPA Vic and Marie Maynard, UWU SA

September $100 K-Mart eGift Card winner Andrea Rohde, NTEU SA

What Happens Next? book winners

Joyanne Farrow, ANMF Vic

Clinton Downing, CPSU Tas

August $50 Booktopia eGift Card winners

Catherine Hinton, AWU Vic

Cerise Absolom, UWU WA

July $100 Coles eGift Card winner

Blazhenka-Angelika Gjorgjievska, HWU Vic


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