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Take action to build a better future for all by applying to join the Union Activist Network

As an Australian Unions activist, you’ll be part of a movement that takes action for real change. There are a range of activist opportunities available, and we have activist groups in every part of the country.

Take action online

Unionists aren’t active just at work. Today, more than ever, our movement needs articulate and passionate activists ready to hop on social media and challenge the neo-liberal agenda.

If you are ready to share, like, love and comment to ensure that an organised workers’ voice is heard loud and clear across the ever-growing digital platforms, then apply to join the Unionist Activist Network today.

Take action in the community

Our movement’s greatest strength has always been our deep connections into every neighbourhood, town and community in Australia.

If you are ready to connect with other local union activists in your neighbourhood and unite together on local issues that impact local workers, then apply to join the Union Activist Network today.

Take action in your workplace

The journey for most union activists starts in the workplace, building respect and dignity with your workmates. Whether it is improving wages or workplace safety, or stepping up to help your fellow coworkers with information and assistance, unionists take real action to make work better for all.

Already a union member? The best way to become a workplace activist is to contact your union.

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When working people unite together, we can make real change in this country. Strength in numbers gives us the courage to do amazing things.

I invite anyone who wants to be part of making Australia better for everyone to become an activist with Australian Unions.

Sally McManus, ACTU Secretary

Meet some of our amazing activists

People from all walks of life are activists with Australian Unions. Here are some of them.




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