Goodbye superannuation threshold, hello stable retirement

Date Published: 29/06/2022
Category: Super

It’ll soon be time to check those pay slips because you may be one of the workers soon to have a permanent boost to your superannuation.

Billions of superannuation dollars are stolen by dodgy bosses each year – here’s how unions are stepping up

Date Published: 10/05/2022
Category: Super

The Auditor General recently released a report slamming the Australian Tax Office for only being “partly effective” at recovering stolen super. In Auditor General speak, that is a huge criticism.

Banks set to profit as Morrison continues attack on retirement savings

Date Published: 18/06/2021
Category: Analysis Super Working life

Banks are set to profit as workers stand to lose thousands in retirement funds from Government changes to superannuation.

Break it down for me: superannuation

Date Published: 30/03/2021
Category: Break It Down For Me Super

Superannuation can be hard to get your head around. We get it. That’s why we’re breaking it down, with everything you need to know in one handy guide.

Super: What You Need to Know

Date Published: 03/12/2020
Category: Super

Superannuation can be hard to get your head around. We get it. It’s not exactly a topic of choice over dinner with friends and it’s often hard to understand. It can even be political, and for many, it’s something ‘Future You’ can worry about later.

First State Super has a new name

Date Published: 05/10/2020
Category: Member Benefits Super

First State Super has changed its name to Aware Super.

Financial fitness webinars for all Australians

Date Published: 03/06/2020
Category: Member Benefits Super

First State Super webinars are designed to answer all your superannuation questions and prepare you for a better financial future.

We’re all in this together

Date Published: 13/05/2020
Category: Member Benefits Super

At times like these it’s only natural that many of us are thinking about our future.