Which is the union for you?

Are you looking for information on which union is for you? Australian Unions provides information and referrals for Australian workers to join your union. To join, call the Australian Unions Support Centre on 1300 486 466 or join online today.

No matter what kind of job you do or who you work for, you have the right to join and be represented by a union, and there’s a union for every worker, job, industry and employer.

Sign up online or contact us by phone and we make sure you join the right union for your occupation and industry.

How does it work?

Each union in Australia specialises in providing support and representation for its members according to their occupation, industry, employer and/or location. This means that there are many unions, each with their own way of best advocating for their membership.

While there is a union for everyone, sometimes it can be tricky to know the right one. Australian Unions takes the guesswork out of finding your union. We’ll help you identify and join the union that covers your job and work, and we can even help you join on the spot!

What happens next?

When you join online or over the phone, your work details are collected — we’ll do our best to ensure you can join immediately, but if we can’t, one of our Australian Unions Support Centre staff will take care of finding out which union has coverage of your job. As soon as your union coverage is confirmed, your application details will be securely transferred to your union.

How much does it cost?

Unions charge different fees based on your wage level and the industry you work in. An average full-time salary earner will pay around $10 per week, but this does vary. The fees that apply to your membership will be explained to you during the joining process. Union fees are fully tax deductible and you will either receive a statement at the end of the financial year, or can use your credit card or debit account statements when filing your tax return.

When you join online via Australian Unions, you will be charged a standard fee of either $56 for the first month, or $28 for the first month for part-time or low-wage workers.

Can I join the ACTU?

No, the ACTU is not a union. The ACTU is the peak union body that represents the interests of working Australians and their families at a national level. The ACTU does not represent individual workers on industrial or other issues.

Today is the best day to join your union

Not currently in paid work?

You can still be involved and support the union movement by becoming a Supporter.

The Supporter Program is a new way for people who are not eligible for union membership to contribute to the union movement. 

The Supporter Program is open to people not currently in paid employment, retired workers and business owners. Essentially anyone not currently eligible for union membership.

Find out more here.