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The Australian Unions Support Centre can assist you to find and join your union. We can also provide general information about your rights at work.

All Support Centre enquiries are 100% confidential.

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Most read fact sheets

Have a specific question? We may have already answered it. Check out our most read fact sheets below or explore the full catalogue.

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A line of workers wearing plain uniforms and hairnets
Text: 'Fact sheet: Minimum Wages' overlays an image of call centre workers

Minimum wages

Different minimum wages apply to different people. Which minimum wage applies to you depends on where you work, how old you are, and a few other things explained in this fact sheet.

Text: 'Fact sheet: Maternity Leave' overlays a photo of a parent and small child walking across wet sand.

Maternity leave

Maternity leave gives you the right to take time off work if you are having or adopting a child. Read about maternity leave and other types of paternal leave.

Text: 'Fact Sheet: Casual Workers' overlays an image of a warehouse worker

Casual workers

Are you one of more than two million casual workers in Australia? Learn about your entitlements, union membership and conversion to permanent work.

Text: 'Fact sheet: Understanding COVID-19 risks in your workplace' overlays image of a masked worker sitting in a van with a thermos

Understanding COVID-19 risks at work

Employers have obligations to ensure the health and safety of workers. Read about identifying and minimising COVID-19 risks at your workplace.

Text: 'Fact sheet: annual leave' overlays a photos of a beach on the Great Ocean Road

Annual leave

Annual leave, also known as holiday pay, allows you to be paid while you take time off work. We explain the basics of annual leave and answer your FAQs in this fact sheet.

Text: 'Fact sheet: Working in heat' overlays an image of a construction worker walking across a metal grid

Working in heat

Working in excessively hot weather can be extremely dangerous, even fatal. This fact sheet covers some protective measures to keep you safe when working in high temperatures.

Join Your Union

For over 100 years, workers in unions have taken action to create better work for all.

Sick-pay, annual leave, Medicare, penalty rates, higher wages, work safety laws, paid parental leave, even JobKeeper — these are fundamental rights that we’ve won that benefit generations of Australians.

Join with almost 2 million other workers and together we can prove that change is more than an idea. It’s an action we take every day.

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