Women To The Front

Grace Tame and Brittany Higgins are leading the next wave of feminism. And it’s time to act now.

Date Published: 22/10/2021
Category: Women To The Front

We were all together that day back in March. Thousands of Australian women in marches for justice because enough is enough. I was there with ACTU President Michele O’Neil in Canberra and I too had had enough. On that day back in March, I remember thinking, these women, this rally could be the start of…


On this Day: Zelda D’Aprano fights for equal pay

Date Published: 21/10/2021
Category: Women To The Front Working women

Women to the front! It was today in 1969 that legendary unionist Zelda D’Aprano chained herself to the Commonwealth building to protest for equal pay for women.  You’ll probably recognise this iconic image of Zelda chained to the government building. It’s in history books across Australian high schools, profiled in museums across the nation and…


It’s time to talk about menopause in the workplace

Date Published: 12/10/2021
Category: Women To The Front

Menopause can impact work, so why aren’t workplaces talking about it? Let’s take a look at how workplaces can become more menopause friendly.