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This International Women’s Day, union women are celebrating…

Date Published: 08/03/2024
Category: Women To The Front

On this International Women’s Day, there’s much to celebrate – from the tough, tireless working women who fought for better conditions, liveable wages and autonomy throughout the last two centuries; right through to the victories won by working women over the past year.


Gender pay gap the lowest on record

Date Published: 28/02/2024
Category: Women To The Front

Did you see the gender pay gap figures that were announced yesterday? It happened because unions fought – and won – to bring in new laws that force companies to publicly disclose the difference between male and female workers’ earnings. The numbers tell us that we’ve come a long way, particularly in the last few…


Pivot for Australian netball: Diamonds win fair pay through union action

Date Published: 13/12/2023
Category: Women To The Front

The Diamonds, Australia’s incredible Super Netball team, have showcased not only their prowess on the court, but also their collective strength off it.


The Mighty Matildas: a force on and off the field

Date Published: 18/08/2023
Category: Women To The Front

It’s the Matildas commitment to unionism and solidarity – as well as their skills with the ball – that sets them apart, particularly as one of the only national women’s football teams covered by a hard fought-for collective bargaining agreement (CBA).


Unions lead with front foot forwards for International Women’s Day

Date Published: 08/03/2023
Category: Women To The Front

It’s easy to feel defeated in the face of ongoing gender inequality. But this International Women’s Day feels a little different. 


New Bill an overdue step forward in closing the gender pay gap

Date Published: 10/02/2023
Category: Women To The Front

Step by step, union members are dismantling the barriers between working women and equal pay.


Paid Family and Domestic Violence leave is now available for workers to use

Date Published: 01/02/2023
Category: Women To The Front

Today is the day that paid Family and Domestic Violence leave will come into force for businesses with 15 or more employees.


An awe-inspiring 2022 for working women

Date Published: 16/12/2022
Category: Women To The Front

This year, workers across the country used their collective power to make unprecedented strides in the quest for a safer and more just world for women – at work and at home. 


“Don’t read the comments”: women journalists harassed out of a job

Date Published: 09/12/2022
Category: Women To The Front

A report from the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA) states that more than a third of female journalists have experienced online harassment, trolling and stalking while doing their job. But only 15 per cent are aware of a workplace policy to address such online abuse.


Decades of progress for women’s workplace safety in one week

Date Published: 02/12/2022
Category: Women To The Front

Public outcry and collective action have been indispensable to the fight against workplace sexual harassment. And behind the wave of progress in Australian workplaces have been thousands of workers in their unions, pushing every step of the way. 


Multi-employer bargaining accelerates gender equality in the workplace

Date Published: 25/11/2022
Category: Women To The Front

Multi-employer bargaining contributes to gender equality by raising wages in female-dominated industries.


How far have we come with equal pay for women?

Date Published: 18/11/2022
Category: Women To The Front

It’s hard to believe we face a gender pay gap in Australia that still sees men take home an average of $263.90 more than women per week. But thanks to generations of women working together, that gap has shrunk.


15% pay rise in aged care a win for women

Date Published: 11/11/2022
Category: Women To The Front

Personal care workers in the aged care sector will receive a well overdue 15% interim wage increase, thanks to decades of advocating from three unions. The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (ANMF) and the Health Services Union (HSU) supported by the United Workers Union (UWU) each lodged applications with the Fair Work Commission (FWC) to…


Why we need to shift our thinking about self-care to community-care

Date Published: 04/11/2022
Category: Women To The Front

It’s easy for bosses to virtue-signal about self-care without providing the necessary means to prevent burn out and other hazards in the first place. But in order to actually practice self-care, workers need time and financial security to do so. 


Structural change the key to women’s safety in the workplace and at home

Date Published: 28/10/2022
Category: Women To The Front

This new legislation will shift the burden of responsibility of victims onto employers by introducing a positive duty on employers to take all reasonable action to prevent sexual harassment at work.


We did it: paid family and domestic violence leave for all workers

Date Published: 27/10/2022
Category: Women To The Front

Today, parliament passed a bill that will enshrine 10 days paid Family and Domestic Violence Leave as a workplace right for every worker in Australia.


Have you had to put up with men making the decisions for working women? You should meet Zelda

Date Published: 21/10/2022
Category: Women To The Front

There are many ways workers spend their lunch break. Some tuck into food in the breakroom. Others leave the desk or worksite and go for a stroll.

One woman headed down to a busy building in Melbourne’s CBD and chained herself to the front door of a busy building.


Why we’re talking reproductive leave on World Menopause Day

Date Published: 21/10/2022
Category: Women To The Front

Reproductive leave would allow workers to take five days paid leave to cover IVF, endometriosis, hysterectomies, and any pain, discomfort or treatments associated with menstruation and menopause.  


Imposter syndrome at work is the elephant in the room we can’t ignore

Date Published: 14/10/2022
Category: Women To The Front

Imposter syndrome isn’t just a lack of self-confidence or the occasional feeling of being out of your depth. It’s that creeping doubt that leaves you second-guessing your skills, talents, and achievements.


‘Not now, not ever’: How far we’ve come since Julia Gillard’s misogyny speech

Date Published: 07/10/2022
Category: Women To The Front

Ten years ago, former Prime Minister Julia Gillard stood up in Australian parliament and spoke the iconic words that have been replayed nearly 4 million times on Youtube: ‘I will not be lectured about sexism and misogyny by this man – not now, not ever’. Gillard’s speech uncloaked the sexism prevalent in Australian parliament –…


Why young people do dream of labour but not as we know it

Date Published: 23/09/2022
Category: Women To The Front

Whether it be standing up against the denial of ten-minute breaks or embedding climate action into the workplace, young union members are making progress for now and the future.


Compensating early educators critical for Australia’s future

Date Published: 12/09/2022
Category: Women To The Front

The first five years of a child’s life are a critical period in human brain development. More than two decades of research has shown that interactions between educators and children are pivotal for optimal child learning – around language development, behavioural expectations, and emotional relationships. The effects of early childhood education are seen as far as secondary school.  


Australia’s care crisis requires an industry overhaul

Date Published: 02/09/2022
Category: Women To The Front

Addressing the cracks in the sector is long overdue. The care compact provides more than job improvement for workers. It is an investment in the dignity and quality of life of the many Australians – young and old – who depend on carers.


Women are working 60 days more to earn the same as men

Date Published: 29/08/2022
Category: Women To The Front

countries around the world that rank better than Australia in 2022. Forty-two. What does this say about our quality of working life here? 


What a safe workplace looks like for young queer workers

Date Published: 26/08/2022
Category: Women To The Front

If your colleague felt stuck in a workplace that was unwelcoming of their identity, do you think you would be able to recognise it? 


‘Quiet quitting’ shows hustle culture for what it really is: sexist and exploitative 

Date Published: 12/08/2022
Category: Women To The Front

Step aside Great Resignation, there’s a new work culture trend in town. ‘Quiet quitting’ is sidling into Australian workplaces but, despite its label, the concept has nothing to do with leaving your job.  


How we can prevent women and Indigenous workers from retiring into poverty

Date Published: 05/08/2022
Category: Women To The Front

There are hundreds of thousands of stories that show the cruel consequences of the gender and Indigenous superannuation gaps. But there is no reason why we can’t change these entrenched inequalities in our retirement system. 


Union-backed win for paid Family and Domestic Violence Leave will save lives

Date Published: 28/07/2022
Category: Women To The Front

For over a decade, unions campaigned for 10 days paid family and domestic violence leave in the NES so that no worker would miss out. We were met with constant opposition by the former Coalition Government, but we never gave up. Today, while we celebrate the introduction of paid FDV leave into parliament, we also stop and remember all the lives lost too soon and the struggle that continues.


Women with disability grapple ‘administrative burden’ of the NDIS

Date Published: 22/07/2022
Category: Women To The Front

Paperwork and bureaucracy should never stand in the way of people with disability accessing essential support. But cutting through this red tape is not only a structural barrier, but also a burden that has fallen mainly on women.


Early Pay Access apps: employee benefit or employer trap?

Date Published: 15/07/2022
Category: Women To The Front

‘Early Pay Access’ apps are increasingly popular in Australia under the guise of an employee ‘benefit’ – but ultimately they take advantage of already vulnerable workers.


Working towards a strong future and decent retirement: Collective action is the only answer

Date Published: 01/07/2022
Category: Women To The Front

Employers didn’t offer up super contributions with unprompted goodwill – the right to superannuation was entirely union member driven and won. Today the whole nation benefits. That is the power of collective action.  


No jobs on a dead planet: what climate activism has to do with LGBTQIA+ workers’ rights

Date Published: 24/06/2022
Category: Women To The Front

Workers in unions have always stood up for LGBTQIA+ rights, and this includes fighting for climate justice, as climate change is an LGBTQIA+ issue as much as it is a worker’s issue.


The ‘mental load’ leads to burn out for women

Date Published: 17/06/2022
Category: Women To The Front

The mental load is defined as ‘emotional and cognitive labour’ made up of all of the logistical tasks that have worry, stress or emotion attached to them – thinking about planning dinners, kids parties and clean school uniforms for example. Unlike domestic labour, there is no end to the mental load.


Workers across the world win a new fundamental right

Date Published: 10/06/2022
Category: Women To The Front

A safe workplace seems like it should be the bare minimum right for all workers but up until this week it wasn’t acknowledged as a right for all workers worldwide.  After years of campaigning by workers across the globe, the fundamental right to a healthy and safe workplace has been recognised in international law at this…


Girlbossing too close to the sun harms working mums

Date Published: 03/06/2022
Category: Women To The Front

A number of recent memes and articles pronounce the girlboss dead. And maybe that isn’t such a bad thing. 


For women, time does not always equal money

Date Published: 28/05/2022
Category: Women To The Front

After years of tireless effort from union members and community activists, the Fair Work Commission (FWC) has made an in-principle decision that workers covered by modern Awards should have access to 10 days paid Family and Domestic Violence leave.


How $1 per hour can help close the gender pay gap

Date Published: 20/05/2022
Category: Women To The Front

You may have seen a few memes lately about Scott Morrison and a $1 pay rise – and there’s good reason.  


Paid Domestic & Violence Leave now a reality for 2.6 million workers

Date Published: 17/05/2022
Category: Women To The Front

After years of tireless effort from union members and community activists, the Fair Work Commission (FWC) has made an in-principle decision that workers covered by modern Awards should have access to 10 days paid Family and Domestic Violence leave.


Why paid Family and Domestic Violence Leave is a “game changer” for women

Date Published: 16/05/2022
Category: Women To The Front

We need to make ten days of paid family and domestic violence leave a reality. This is the call from the Australian Council of Trade Unions as the Fair Work Commission conducts a review into Family and Domestic Violence leave entitlements in modern Awards.


Every day is Mother’s Day for these inspirational union leaders

Date Published: 08/05/2022
Category: Women To The Front

Being a union leader and working mum produces a huge variety of challenges but not always the ones you might expect. 


Gig work and gender inequality via the apps we all rely on

Date Published: 29/04/2022
Category: Women To The Front

When we place an Uber Eats order, we would never guess that if a woman is delivering the meal she is likely earning 37% less for that order than if a man delivered it.


Why pay secrecy clauses are sexist

Date Published: 13/04/2022
Category: Women To The Front

Employer policies or contracts that prevent workers from discussing their pay with their workmates means that challenges to the gender gap are silenced in many Australian workplaces.


Paid family and domestic violence leave needs to address a “national emergency”

Date Published: 11/04/2022
Category: Women To The Front

Frontline workers have spoken about the absolute necessity of 10 days paid family and domestic violence leave at a Fair Work Commission hearing. 


Are you a working parent? Here’s what paid super on parental leave could mean for you

Date Published: 07/04/2022
Category: Women To The Front

Women are much more likely to take career breaks to care for children, which is why Australian Unions call for super to be paid on all parental leave – paid and unpaid.


Urgent law reform needed to prevent sexual harassment at work

Date Published: 21/03/2022
Category: Women To The Front

We have joined more than 60 diverse community organisations as the Power2Prevent Coalition and we have called on the Morrison Government to act now to implement the remaining recommendations of the Respect@Work report.


Women marched forward, Morrison marched back

Date Published: 12/03/2022
Category: Women To The Front

It’s been an excruciatingly long twelve months under the Morrison Government. 


When it comes to gender, Morrison has been missing this century

Date Published: 11/03/2022
Category: Women To The Front

Morrison talks as if women were still newcomers to the Australian workforce, let alone acknowledge how the category of ‘woman’ has expanded. 


Melbourne’s elitist men-only club wasn’t the only one getting cautioned on International Women’s Day

Date Published: 10/03/2022
Category: Women To The Front

While Liberal politicians were munching on their International Women’s Day cupcakes, we weren’t prepared to sugar coat reality. If Morrison wanted to sweeten the millions of women going to the ballot boxes in a couple of months, he should have had a second look at his own track record. Hundreds of women marched from Spring…


We can reach the summit for women’s safety – but not while Morrison holds us back

Date Published: 07/03/2022
Category: Women To The Front

History has shown us that equality and safety at work has not been delivered by business lobbyists but by generations of women union members demanding change.   


A budget that failed more than half of Australia

Date Published: 03/03/2022
Category: Women To The Front

Gender inequity does not happen by accident. It is a result of deliberate policy decisions made by this Government that we have seen happen time and time again. 


Where is the respect for working women?

Date Published: 02/03/2022
Category: Women To The Front

While the Government is busy breaking promises to half the population, union members look out for each other’s wellbeing and safety. 


Five times Morrison has walked away from women

Date Published: 01/03/2022
Category: Women To The Front

We’ve selected the top five ways in which the Prime Minister has let down the women of Australia during the last twelve months.


Providing free early childhood education and childcare is vital for the economic recovery

Date Published: 24/02/2022
Category: Women To The Front

In July 2020, Australian Unions released our plan for National Economic Reconstruction. The first part of that plan was the provision of appropriately funded, free childcare. Back in 2020, as the pandemic started to rage across the world, the the Commonwealth government recognised that childcare is an essential service. It committed $1.6 billion to offsetting…


We’re taking action for fairer paid parental leave

Date Published: 18/11/2021
Category: Women To The Front

For new families, a sense of financial security is undeniably valuable. But, on the other hand, so is spending quality time with young children and being there to support partners during the ups and downs.


We can’t improve women’s workplace rights without action on insecure work: Michele O’Neil

Date Published: 17/11/2021
Category: Women To The Front

Australian working women are hoping that 2021 is a year that will be remembered for generating real change leading to gender equality. Because we should not have to wait for respect, safety and equality.


Grace Tame and Brittany Higgins are leading the next wave of feminism. And it’s time to act now.

Date Published: 22/10/2021
Category: Women To The Front

We were all together that day back in March. Thousands of Australian women in marches for justice because enough is enough. I was there with ACTU President Michele O’Neil in Canberra and I too had had enough. On that day back in March, I remember thinking, these women, this rally could be the start of…


On this Day: Zelda D’Aprano fights for equal pay

Date Published: 21/10/2021
Category: Women To The Front Working women

Women to the front! It was today in 1969 that legendary unionist Zelda D’Aprano chained herself to the Commonwealth building to protest for equal pay for women.  You’ll probably recognise this iconic image of Zelda chained to the government building. It’s in history books across Australian high schools, profiled in museums across the nation and…


It’s time to talk about menopause in the workplace

Date Published: 12/10/2021
Category: Women To The Front

Menopause can impact work, so why aren’t workplaces talking about it? Let’s take a look at how workplaces can become more menopause friendly.