About Unions

Winning rights for workers across generations.

You can thank union members for the workers’ rights so many of us take for granted. Universal superannuation, Medicare, penalty rates, annual, parental and sick leave – even the weekend. Union members have been standing up for workers for more than a century. And we’re doing the same for generations to come.

Working people are not commodities.

The Australian union movement has always treated labour as more than something to be bought and sold. Workers are people first. That’s why union members stand together for better workplace conditions and protected workers rights. Always.

A unionised workforce is good for business.

Union membership gives you the tools, support and confidence you need to work more collaboratively and thrive in the workplace. In fact, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has found that countries with highly coordinated types of bargaining arrangements are associated with higher employment, lower unemployment, better integration of vulnerable groups and less wage inequality. It’s no wonder good employers understand the value that union members bring.

Australian Unions does not play a role in mediating disputes between unions its member(s) unless specifically authorised to do so by the relevant union.

If you are a union member, and have a concern or complaint about your union, the best course of action is to write to the relevant official of the union in question – this would normally be the union’s secretary.

Australian Unions can provide the name and contact details of the union if needed.

If you have already contacted your union with your complaint or concern, you can write to the ACTU via [email protected] with a brief summary or the issue and request that we inform the the union in question that we have been contacted with a complaint.

If you have a complaint about the ACTU, its staff or officials, our complaints policy is available here.