Why Join a Union?

Real people. Real action. Real change.

Australian Unions is made up of almost 2-million workers coming together to get things done. If you want to see change, together, we can take action to drive that change. That means better wages than non-union members, the workplace conditions you deserve and support standing by if anything goes wrong. Real benefits for real people.

Making workplace change today that’s felt long into the future.

As union members, our actions are never for the advancement of the individual alone. That’s why we act to make changes that benefit everyone. You. Your coworkers. Your family. Their coworkers. Union members are building fairer and safer workplaces for today – and tomorrow.

The first place to turn. The last people to give up.

Sometimes you just need a second opinion. Whether you have tough questions you need answering or you’re ready to take action, your union is the first source of information about your wages and working rights. This is what we do – day in, day out – so you can trust your union to give you the right information at the right time.

Know your rights, and we’ll stand up for them together.

All union members get access to advice and legal representation if things go wrong in the workplace. Think of it like a safety net – you pay small, regular membership dues, but you’re covered big time if something goes wrong.

One voice echoes. Many voices resonate.

Being part of a union gives you collective bargaining power. That means working with union representatives who can help you negotiate better terms and conditions, like increased pay and improved leave entitlements, all on your behalf.

Speak up or stand by? It’s your call.

Bullying. Harassment. Unfair dismissal. Your union membership ensures you have support if or when you need it. We stand together whenever members want help, but the course of action we take is entirely up to you.

Inclusive, completely tax-deductible fees for all.

Apprentices, contractors, casuals, part-timers: Australian unions have the interests of all workers in mind, so many will provide lower fees to accommodate your role. All fees are completely tax-deductible. And payment options are always open for discussion, whatever your position.

On average, members earn 32% more than non-members.

Union members earn, on average, $250 more per week than non-union members. From community and service workers to technicians and trades, workers in Australian unions continue to negotiate higher pay in ways that ensure all members get a fair wage for a fair day’s work. 

Pay negotiations for members include:

  • Reducing the gender pay gap for women by properly classifying all members.
  • Assisting members in having their pay increments or classifications increased.
  • Ensuring all members get paid correct allowances, penalty rates, overtime and superannuation, and recovering stolen wages in these categories should that occur.

Here for each other, all of the time.

Any career. Any job. Any organisation. Any time. Whether you’re starting your first job, changing career or getting ready to retire, as workers, we’re all in this together. Australian union members come from all walks of life, and we’re here to support each other on that journey – no matter what stage you’re at.

Union membership also offers other great benefits. Including:

  • Advice on loans and financial planning.
  • Cheaper car hire, banking services, insurance and movie tickets.

If you’d like to know more, visit our Member Benefits page or contact us on 1300 486 466.