4 ways to get involved this election

Published: 16/04/2022
Category: Workers rights
Published: 16/04/2022
Category: Workers rights

With just over a month until the federal election, it can be difficult to cut through the political noise. But each of us can make a difference before May 21.  

Union members across the country are chipping in and taking part to make sure we get the best possible outcome for workers.  

So if you’re a bit stuck on how you can be involved, check out these four actions you can take.

1. Become part of the union movement strategy

The stakes couldn’t be any higher for working people this election and it’s up to us to make the change we know this country needs. 

ACTU President Michele O’Neil and Secretary Sally McManus are inviting as many union members and workers as possible to a mass meeting on Thursday 21 April at 6pm (AEST).  

It’s going to be a massive event and a fantastic opportunity to have union members and colleagues all on the same page for the union movement’s election plan. 

It is vital that as many unionists as possible attend. If we all act together, we have an opportunity to create real and lasting change this election. It all starts on April 21.  
Share the link and invite your co-workers and fellow unionists.  

The next step after the meeting is to turn that strategy into action. As we know well, collective action is a powerful driving force for change.  

We’re looking for all kinds of volunteers to help make that happen so let us know if you’re interested.   

Pledge to vote to change the Government

Join thousands of other union members and support to take the pledge to vote to change this Morrison Government.  

It’s common sense that if there is no change of government, cost-of-living will get worse, wages will continue to stagnate and go down, and jobs will become less reliable and less secure. 

It’s your choice how you vote at this election, but we need action to fix the cost-of-living crisis and worsening wages. Australia can do so much better than Scott Morrison and his Government. 

Morrison is Missing in Action. Will you take the pledge with thousands of union members? 

Vote to change the Morrison Government

Grab yourself some high-quality merch

Share your thoughts on the Morrison Government and grab yourself an election corflute. Workers have a massive stake in this election and now you can put one in your front yard.  

Let your neighbourhood know that the prime minister is the one who always goes missing when he’s needed most.  

Don’t have space for a corflute? We also have bin stickers (and not just to show where we think the Morrison Government should end up).  

We’ve also partnered with our all Australian, all union clothing manufacturers to come up with some perfect fits as we head into the cooler months.  

Our gear is 100% Australian-made and union made. Your purchase isn’t just securing you a great piece of merchandise, it’s also helping to create jobs that are local, secure and union. That’s a win-win! 

All proceeds from sales will go towards our campaigns to support workers’ rights. 

Solidarity clasped hands hoodie

The First Nations Workers Alliance have also provided freshly designed flyers and graphics to share on social media. 

The FNWA is aiming to make sure as many people are enrolled this election as possible so spread the message far and wide in your community. 

Power up the campaign

Time is ticking and we can’t afford to miss this opportunity to turn the tide around for workers.  

Working people and the Australian people need a government and a prime minister that genuinely cares. 

In case you missed it, here are just a few examples of when Morrison has gone missing in action:

  • Went missing on the cost-of-living crisis and left Australian workers more than $800 worse off last year
  • Abandoned workers by refusing to act on climate change
  • Walked away from women time and time again.  

That’s why Australian Unions will be campaigning hard this election.   
We’ll be focused on having conversations with the workers and community members in the key electorates that will decide the outcome.   
And we need your help to do it. 

Most people donate an average of $44 and every cent you donate will go towards our efforts during this election.  

Chip in with a donation of $15, $25 or whatever you can afford. 

Change the outcome of this election

4 ways to get involved this election

4 ways to get involved this election