Morrison’s inaction on climate change has already cost secure jobs and lives

Published: 25/03/2022
Category: Climate
Published: 25/03/2022
Category: Climate

While the Morrison Government still has its head in the sand when it comes to climate change, workers are already experiencing the life-threatening consequences.  

Climate change fuelled disasters like the Queensland and NSW floods are only going to increase. We can expect more tragedy, disruption to work and threats to people’s livelihoods.  

And while Morrison sits safely in Kirribilli, workers are on the frontline of this climate crisis.  

Whether it be firefighters pushing back flames, farmers struggling through drought or healthcare workers supporting flood survivors, so many of us have already experienced the outcomes of inaction.  

Thanks to years of inaction from a Coalition Government, the window we had open to restrict global warming to below 1.5 degrees is closing fast.  

That means we are facing a future of more extreme bushfires, lower winter rainfalls, and marine heatwaves that will see even more bleaching to our coral reefs.  

And we are running out of time.  

Workers need a secure future 

Every sector and every worker is vulnerable to the devastating effects of climate change.  

We know that it is in our best interests to move quickly to net zero emissions and ensure that we have a rapid and orderly energy transition that delivers maximum benefits for workers and communities.  

Although after-the-fact Government disaster payments may soften the blow, they are only a band-aid on the wound.  

They represent how the Morrison Government doesn’t take the science seriously, treating these fires and floods as unpredictable, one-off events rather than as evidence of the climate change happening here and now, and the unsafe future that awaits us if we don’t act. 

Without a genuine plan to cut pollution, Australian workers will be left behind, forced to face on-going insecurity, while the rest of the world embraces new clean technologies and industries. 

Don’t let Morrison fool you: if he really cared about workers and the victims of fire and flood, he would have done something long ago to help prevent these catastrophes.  

Stepping up when Morrison won’t

Workers have been stepping up to face the climate crisis by reducing workplace emissions, creating new clean energy industries, and responding on the frontlines to fires and floods. 

Australia has lost lives and precious time due to Morrison Government inaction. He has left workers behind. 

That is why Australian union members are stepping up and taking action to fight for secure jobs and a safe climate.  

We have been coming together in our workplaces to reduce impacts of climate change and drive down emissions. We are committed to leading by example.  

Union members are driving change to build fairer and safer workplaces for today – and tomorrow. 

Step up to take real climate action in your workplace

Morrison’s inaction on climate change has already cost secure jobs and lives

Morrison’s inaction on climate change has already cost secure jobs and lives