Published: 01/03/2022
Category: Women To The Front
Published: 01/03/2022
Category: Women To The Front

Scott Morrison has only been prime minister for three years and yet he has managed fail to take necessary action on women’s rights at work again and again.  

 From safety to equal pay, Morrison has turned a deaf ear to those who have tried to speak up and a blind eye to the issues that are wearing our country down. 

 Given the list could fill a book, we’ve selected the top five ways in which the Prime Minister has let down the women of Australia during the last twelve months.  

Below we have provided snapshots into each of those moments but stay tuned as we unravel the full implications of these five major let-downs over the coming days.  

1. Respect@Work report 

 The Respect@Work report found a high prevalence of sexual violence in Australian workplaces and produced 55 recommendations for the federal government. 

 The final Morrison Government move was to vote for a bill that implemented merely six of the recommendations. Six. Out of 55.  

2. The 2021 budget 

For all the hype about gender equality that come from Scott Morrison in the lead up to last May, the budget prioritised Big Business far above women’s quality of life.  

 Gender inequity is a result of deliberate policy decisions made by this Government, which were intentionally reinforced in last year’s Budget. 

3. National Summit on Women’s Safety 

The Morrison Government’s National Summit on Women’s Safety last September did not have one representative of working women. 

 History has shown us that equality and safety at work has not been delivered by business lobbyists but by generations of women union members demanding change.  

The exclusion of union voices showed yet again a government more interested in their own political gain that women’s rights at work.  

4. The Religious Discrimination Bill

The Religious Discrimination Bill would have allowed schools to fire trans teachers or refuse to accept trans students on religious grounds. 

Claiming to protect religious rights, it seemed the Morrison Government was intent on harming trans community – including trans women. 

The bill was stopped but not without cost to the transgender community. 

5. March4Justice

Last March, after a wave of sexual assault allegations erupted from inside Australian parliament, people frustrated and angry with the Morrison Government’s complacency and apparent apathy took to the streets in protest. 

 But the Prime Minister was nowhere to be seen.  

 Women deserve better. Australia deserves better. 

 Women still lack paid leave that provides those who need it the time, support and job security she needs to escape and recover from an abusive relationship. 

 The Federal Government is yet to support this leave. 

Demand access to paid family and domestic violence leave for all workers

Five times Morrison has walked away from women

Five times Morrison has walked away from women