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Opinion: The truth behind the Liberals’ war on super

Date Published: 09/02/2021 Category: On The Job

Australia’s industry superannuation system is a national treasure that has delivered generations of workers a decent and secure retirement.

Liberals like MP Tim Wilson and his gang of like-minded, free market zealots remain fixated on destroying it.

Member Benefits Update August 2019

Date Published: 08/08/2019 Category: Member Benefits Super

The August edition of your member benefits update brings you the latest on how to put your tax refund to good use, we look at the scourge of unpaid super, there’s some great Father’s Day deals available using your Member Benefits program and you could win one of five family (ADMIT 4) inseason passes to see Angry Birds in our monthly competition!


Save or splurge? Put your tax refund to good use
How good is tax time? In exchange for a few hours filling out your tax return, you could receive a handy refund cheque.

Unpaid super – the hidden wage theft

Date Published: 06/08/2019 Category: Member Benefits Super

Each year in Australia, employers are failing to pay billions of dollars in superannuation to their workers yet we don’t hear much about this.

Hands off our super

Date Published: 02/08/2019 Category: Member Benefits Super

Thanks to a ginger group of backbenchers, the super guarantee is back in the spotlight and the promised increase to 12 per cent is once again under threat.

Member Benefits Update May 2019

Date Published: 02/05/2019 Category: Member Benefits

The federal election is not far off now; we can almost smell the sweet scent of democracy sausage in the air!  Our Change the Rules campaign is in full swing in many key electorates around the country and our campaigners have been working extremely hard.

The great super freeze

Date Published: 02/05/2019 Category: Member Benefits Super

One of the Government’s best kept secrets is their continual denial of increasing the Super Guarantee (SG).

The gender Superannuation gap

Date Published: 05/03/2018 Category: Member Benefits Super

How will the gender pay gap affect me in retirement?
You’ve probably heard of the gender pay gap.

Attacks on Industry Super ramp up

Date Published: 04/10/2017 Category: Member Benefits Super

The Government has stepped up their attacks on industry super funds who are run only to profit members and supported by both Unions and employer groups.

How can I recognise sham contracting?

Date Published: 13/02/2015 Category: Industrial Relations Opinion Workers rights

Liam asks: I’ve been doing the same work for about 10 years.