How Do I Make My Workplace Safe?

Date Published: 22/05/2018 Category: Opinion Workers rights

Francesca asks:
One of my finds sliced open his hand at work over the weekend.


I’ve been called in for a meeting about safety

Date Published: 12/09/2017 Category: Health and safety Opinion

Warren asks: I’ve been called in for a meeting tomorrow morning.


No One Talks To Me At work

Date Published: 01/09/2017 Category: Opinion

K asks: I have been here for two months and no one talks to me.


How do I complain about unpleasant odours?

Date Published: 03/02/2015 Category: Opinion Workers rights

Eva asks: I am a cleaner and we clean toilets and showers.


What are my rights when working in heat?

Date Published: 20/10/2014 Category: Opinion Workers rights

Casey asks: I’m working at a kitchen that is non-ventilated and is already reaching 33 degrees.


Frequently Asked Questions

Date Published: 05/06/2013 Category: Opinion

My employer says I can’t join the union, is that true? Do I have to tell my employer if I join?


Injury at work

Date Published: 02/06/2013 Category: Opinion Workers rights

Question posted by John: I injured the tendons in my hand at work and I had to work the next day and my hand swelled up.