First job/worst job and Lisa Alexander, world championship Australian netball coach

As a “get to know you” – we should each do “First Job/Worst Job”, talking
about our first ever job and the job the job from hell we once had.

INTERVIEW: Lisa Alexander, elite coach

World Championship winning coach with Australia’s netball Diamonds, Lisa
Alexander recently made headlines when she veered way out of her
perceived lane and applied for the vacant head coaching job at the North
Melbourne Football Club in the AFL.

The response was a quick thanks, but no thanks. The world title winner
wasn’t even offered the courtesy of an interview.

Lisa discusses the barriers and challenges women still face in breaking into
male dominated industries and the structural and unconscious bias that still
excludes women from doing jobs they’d love to do.

Also in this episode

The Right of Reply – Where Francis and Sally respond to something they’ve
read or watched in the news this week..

The latest from Silicon Valley – Where Sally delves into the latest
kooky ideas about working and work culture with Francis, who still think his
Telex machine will come back in to vogue

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The Courier – MELANIE WHELAN: Writing-off Alexander negates AFL pledge for respect

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Sally Rugg, @sallyrugg

Francis Leach, @SaintFrankly

Date Published: 24/11/2020 Category: Opinion

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