At times like these it’s only natural that many of us are thinking about our future. So it’s reassuring to know that we have super. One of the best systems in the world.

As stock markets in Australia and around the world react to the coronavirus, Industry SuperFunds are continuing to invest to achieve superior long-term returns for members and are well placed to ride out short-term downturns in the economy. They do this by investing across a wide range of asset classes, including unlisted property and infrastructure. 

Industry SuperFunds invest in companies to keep products and services available and create jobs. They invest in vital infrastructure to keep our nation moving and strong, no matter what the challenges.  They invest for the long term to ride out the tough times, like we face now.

All of this helps to minimise losses for members and will enable us all to recover quicker together.

Find out more about how your super can help.  

Date Published: 13/05/2020 Category: Member Benefits Super

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