Smart phones are changing the way we manage money.

Australia has one of the highest rates of smart phone ownership in the world – almost two out of five of us own a smart phone, and we use them for a whole lot more than staying in touch.

In fact, Australians are taking to mobile banking in droves with industry figures showing we are 65% more likely than the British to use smart phones for mobile banking.

Part of the appeal of mobile banking is sheer convenience. User-friendly apps let you check account balances, track savings, monitor expenses, and pay bills on the go.

Unfortunately, some people miss out on these benefits – often because of concerns about the safety of mobile banking. That’s why the Australian Federal Police teamed up with the Australian Bankers Association to develop a check list of steps to keep your funds secure when using mobile banking. Let’s take a look at the top five.

1. Use a PIN to lock your phone – this protects your mobile so nobody else can use it or view private information.

2. Make your mobile banking PIN difficult to guess – memorise the number, don’t make a note of your banking PIN on or near your phone.

3. Don’t record private banking details on your smart phone – this includes emailing passwords to yourself.

4. Only use secure (password protected) internet connections – avoid using free wi-fi for mobile banking.

5. If you lose your phone, call your bank straight away – your bank’s experts can disable your banking app.

Another golden rule is to check your account statements regularly. This lets you pick up any unfamiliar transactions straight away.

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Date Published: 23/06/2015 Category: Member Benefits

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