Published: 07/06/2017
Category: Member Benefits
Published: 07/06/2017
Category: Member Benefits

In the June edition of your Member Benefits Update there’s a great cashback offer from our friends at, we take you through a 7 point checklist to upgrade your home, courtesy of ME, there’s an update on the Fair Work Commission’s minimum wage decision, we ask that you join the fight to save penalty rates plus there’s a great DVD from Madman to win!


7 point checklist to upgrade your home

Thinking of upgrading to a new home? Check out our 7-point checklist to streamline the move.

1. Is moving the right decision for you?

If you love your suburb and home but your circumstances have changed, it’s worth weighing up the pros and cons of renovating versus relocating. Without costs like stamp duty and agent’s selling commission, renovating can be cost effective. On the flipside, a change of location can be an exciting new beginning. Make sure your next move is the right move.

2. Sell first or buy first?

If you do decide to relocate, timing can be critical, although there’s no right or wrong answer to the question of sell first versus buy first. The main point is to know how you will manage the two transactions from a practical and financial perspective.

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Minimum wage decision shows the rules are broken

Tuesday’s Fair Work Commission decision to lift the minimum wage just 59 cents per hour coupled with the penalty rate cuts is a double hit for working people in Australia.

Speaking after the decision on Tuesday morning ACTU Secretary, Sally McManus, said “It is now urgent that Australians’ wages are increased given wage growth in Australia is at a 76-year low, company profits are soaring, Treasury has banked on pay rises of 3.75%, the cost of living is rising and 700,000 people are about to get a penalty rate cut.”

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Change is coming to Member Benefits

Next month there will be changes to Australian Unions Member Benefits and our websites. We will be introducing a wider range of benefits including travel insurance, health insurance and much, much more.   Australian Unions Member Benefits we will continue to provide union members with a wide array of valuable rewards and discounts.

Please note, once implemented there will be a new mobile website that will affect users of the secure website and app (and there will no longer be a separate member benefits app).

Stay tuned for more information.




ACTU’s NEXGEN17 Conference in Sydney 26-28 June

Time is running out.

Registrations for Nexgen17 close tomorrow, Friday 9 June.

Don’t miss out, register now – 840 people already have!

Find out what’s happening in the program.

This is a conference for everyone: Leaders, Organisers, Campaigners, Online and Digital Experts, Communicators, Educators, WHS and Industrial Officers, and our rank and file leaders.

We thank all our NEXGEN partners for their support.



Superannuation changes – Federal Budget 2017/18

Significant changes to Super start on July 1st 2017; you can read about these changes here.

Proposed changes to superannuation for 2017/18 were announced in the Federal budget on 9th May 2017. Please note that the changes proposed in the budget are yet to be legislated.

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Thank you for working on weekends

We want to say thank you to everyone who works on weekends. It’s not easy giving up time away from your friends and family. Weekends are special – that is why you deserve your penalty rates.

Working people need their penalty rates. Working people are already struggling with the rising cost of living and cutting penalty rates will just make it even harder to get by.

Join the fight to save penalty rates

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Up to $100 cash back on Pirelli tyres at

For a limited time only, buy 4 or more selected Pirelli Scorpion Tyres and receive up to $100 Cash Back.

The tyres available for this offer are marked with a blue ‘Cash Back’ bubble.

In addition, union members will receive an additional 10% off* on any other purchase of tyres by using the redemption code ‘UNIONS’ upon checkout. 

Save money by shopping for your tyres online at With access to over 1,500 fitment centres across Australia, you not only get the best deal, you also get the best local service!

The heavily discounted prices also include free fitting and balancing, free shipping to metro areas, free tyre roadside assistance, free tubeless valves and free tyre disposal.

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*Additional 10% discount not available in conjunction with the cost + $1 promotion or any other promotion.



Cruel Budget targets vulnerable while big corporations walk away with billions

Big corporations are the big winners from the Coalition’s latest Budget, as the Government wages war on the most vulnerable and those with very little.

Australians who rely on welfare and university students have been hit with more than $7 billion in cuts, while the plan to cut taxes for big corporations by $50 billion remains on track.

The war on the vulnerable includes a cruel three-strike system that will see families hit hardest when essential payments are cut off or cancelled for non-compliance.

The Australian Council of Trade Unions sees this Budget as another attempt from this Government to bolster the coffers of big corporations and the bank balances of the wealthy while cutting payments to the young and vulnerable.

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Win a DVD from Madman!

Enter the draw to win one of five DVD copies of ‘Love and Time Travel‘ that we are giving away to five lucky union members this month!

Love and Time Travel

Dan Duncombe leads an emotionally isolated life, which is how he likes it. When he’s not working at a cafe or going on his daily run, he’s perfectly happy to stay at home, disconnected from the people around him. But then he starts finding strange messages on the inside of his bedroom window: “Turn Right,” “Alleyway,” “Relax See” … every day, a new message, each more confusing than the last. Not only that, he’s having confusing, discombobulated dreams about people he’s never met. One day on his run he turns right, goes down an alleyway and sees a young girl being bullied. He doesn’t want to get involved, but she seems strangely familiar…

To win a copy of ‘Love and Time Travel’ email [email protected] with your name, address, union name and membership number before close of business Friday 23rd June 2017.


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Member Benefits Update June 2017

Member Benefits Update June 2017