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Every month, union members win great prizes with our exclusive competitions.  Make sure you don't miss out on the opportunity to win some fantastic prizes from Australian Unions.

Enter the draw to win one of 3 copies of both 'Siberia' and 'Vitamania' that we are giving away to 6 lucky union members this month!


Siberia tells the story of an American diamond merchant who travels to Russia to sell rare blue diamonds of questionable origin. As the deal begins to collapse he falls into an obsessive and passionate relationship with a Russian cafe owner in a small Siberian town Mirny. As their relationship builds, so does the treacherous world of the diamond trade from which he is unable to extricate himself.

To win a copy of Siberia email with your name, address, union name and membership number before close of business Friday 28th June 2019.

A documentary about vitamins: the history of their discovery, the dietary supplement industry, and the dangers of both deficiencies and excessive intake. Is it true that vitamins are "natural" and therefore can't do you any harm? How are they regulated, and how can parents make the right choices for their children's health. These surprisingly urgent questions are investigated by scientist Dr Derek Muller in Vitamania, the latest documentary made by Emmy Award-winning Australian filmmakers, Genepool Productions.

To win a copy of Vitamania email with your name, address, union name and membership number before close of business Friday 28th June 2019.


May "Brightburn" Double Pass Movie Tickets winners
Natasha Bishop, ASU Vic
Anthony Zappia, CPSU NSW
Monica O'Leary, SDA SA
Kathy Williams, United Voice SA
Dave Clark, CSA WA
Nick Perrett, PSA NSW
Elvera Bradtke, United Voice Qld
Judy Rochow, CPSU Vic
Peta Dickson, CPSU SA
Priyantha Gamage, ASU Vic 
April $100 WISH gift card winner
Jian Ying Pan, United Voice, NSW
March DVD Winners
Dying to Live DVD
Gillian Bielaczec, ASU Vic
Bruce Campbell, VAHPA Vic
Peter Blumke, Together Qld
Fahrenheit 11/9 DVD
Jacqui Pederson, TSU Qld
Kathryn Lai, USU NSW
Jason Barrow, NTEU WA
Jan/Feb - Village Double Pass Movie Tickets Winners
Jennifer Fleming, FAAA Vic
Helena Martin, SDA SA
Damian Jones, Together Qld


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