A good Budget for workers

Published: 15/05/2024
Category: Australia Needs a Pay Rise
Published: 15/05/2024
Category: Australia Needs a Pay Rise

The Government has released the Budget – and it’s a good one for workers.

It can can be summed up in two words: higher wages, with real wages going up in the next year the same amount that they went up in total over the 10 years of the Coalition Government.

Here’s how the Budget will make a real difference to workers’ lives.

Wage rises for workers in Aged Care and Early Childhood Education

The Government has committed to ensuring that those who look after our kids as they learn, and our parents as they age, have the secure, well-paid jobs they deserve, with the Budget supporting pay rises for those in Aged Care and Early Childhood Education, the majority of which are working women.

This is great news for thousands of workers, and comes off the back of years of campaigning from union members:

“As an Educator who has been involved in the campaign for over a decade, this commitment by a sitting Government to raise Educator wages is huge.

It’s emotional, it’s fantastic, and like everyone else who has fought alongside me, it means so much to be recognised and valued federally for the important work we do.”

Kylie Grey, Early Childhood Educator and UWU member

Paid Parental Leave on Superannuation

Eligible parents with a baby born or adopted on, or after, 1 July 2025 will receive 12% of the Parental Leave Payment as a superannuation equivalent payment to their super fund.

It builds on the Government’s plan to increase the amount of paid leave new parents can take under the Commonwealth scheme to 26 weeks by mid-2026.

These changes are hard-fought-for campaign wins by union members!

Cost of living bonus

The new tax-cut plan – due to kick in from 1 July – will provide cost-of-living relief for Australian workers.

For example, a worker on average annual earnings of $72,753 will get a $1,498 tax cut. That’s an extra $28 in their pocket each week.

How much is your cost-of-living bonus?

Further cost-of-living support

The Budget also includes a $300 energy bill relief payment to every Australian household from 1 July and an additional 10% increase in Commonwealth Rent Assistance.

Secure jobs for a secure future

The Future Made in Australia plan is set to create secure manufacturing jobs and develop new industries as part of the Government’s objective of turning Australia into a clean energy superpower.

The investment in skills also includes 20,000 new fee-free TAFE and VET places in construction, the introduction of paid placements for Australians studying to be nurses, teachers, and social workers, skilling the Clean Energy and Construction Workforce and additional support for apprentices and trainees.

After a decade of inaction and denial under the last Government, we now have a Government prepared to invest in a fast and fair energy transition to create secure jobs in the new industries that Australia needs, and the skills to support it.

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A good Budget for workers

A good Budget for workers