The National Employment Standards

The National Employment Standards (NES) are 11 minimum standards that apply to nearly all employees in Australia.

Awardsagreements and employment contracts can provide higher minimum standards than those in the NES, but they cannot provide standards that are lower. The NES are part of the Fair Work Act

The 11 minimum entitlements are:

  1. A maximum of 38 hours of work each week for full time employees – less for part-time employees – plus some additional hours where reasonable
  2. The right to request flexible working arrangements for workers in certain situations
  3. Parental leave and other related entitlements
  4. Annual leave – at least four weeks for full-time employees and five weeks for shift workers
  5. Sick and carers’ leave, compassionate leave and 10 days paid Family and Domestic Violence leave
  6. Community service leave
  7. Long service leave
  8. The right to take a paid day off on public holidays (unpaid for casuals) – unless there is a reasonable expectation that you work
  9. Notice of termination and redundancy pay
  10. Receiving the Fair Work Information Statement when you start a new job, which covers your basic workplace rights, as well some information about the role of the Fair Work Commission
  11. Casual conversion – a pathway casual employees can take to become a permanent employee.

Who is covered by the National Employment Standards?

Most employees are entitled to the minimum standards listed above. Workers who are not covered include:

Casual employees only have the right to some of the minimum standards.

Casuals and the National Employment Standards

Casual employees are only entitled to some NES entitlements:

If you are a casual employee and have been working for the same employer for more than a year, you may also have the right to take unpaid parental leave and request flexible working arrangements.

In some instances, casual employees may also be eligible for long service leave.

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