Modern Awards

Modern awards are documents which set minimum employment standards in a specific industry or sector.

This includes setting things such as:

Modern awards often set standards that are higher than the minimums in the National Employment Standards—they cannot set standards that are lower.

It is your employer’s responsibility to keep up with changes to your award and make sure that all employees are getting what they are entitled to. Some of the most common awards include: 

There is an award that covers nearly all workplaces and occupations. A full list of modern awards can be found online.

Who is covered by a modern award?

Most employees are covered by an award. Some exceptions include:

  • Some managers, human resource managers and high-income employees
  • Some employees who are excluded from the award that covers their workplace because of the nature of their role

If you are not covered by an award the National Employment Standards and the National Minimum Wage set the minimum standards of your employment. 

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