What can a union do for me?

Unions fight to protect jobs, workers’ incomes and safety. Unions are all about joining and acting together to win a better deal for workers. Throughout Australia’s history, union members have fought hard to improve working conditions and safety for all workers. Members have won important rights – like sick pay, annual leave, penalty rates and reasonable work hours. But the fight is far from over. So long as workers’ rights are being challenged, Australian unions will stand up for what’s fair. Unions continue to fight for all workers’ rights while delivering on the changing needs of members. In this section you will find information on what being a union member will mean for you:

How to make change in your workplace

It happens to everyone: you’re bound to face problems at work at one point or another. This guide is here to help you figure out how to deal with it.


Union delegates

Union delegates can be found in a whole variety of workplaces across the country. Delegates (also known as ‘shop stewards’ or ‘union reps’) are there so you and your workmates are treated fairly and with respect at work.


Safe and Inclusive Workplaces

Union workplaces are safer workplaces. Many of the rights we take for granted were fought for and won by union members, such as workers’ compensation and bans on asbestos.


Industrial Action

About Industrial Action in Australia Industrial action is action taken by a worker to try and improve their wages and conditions. Some examples include strike and work-stoppages, go-slows or protests.  Industrial action has been an important tool for workers throughout history, but currently in Australia there are strict rules around the types of industrial action…


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