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Tax deductible union fees

Get your tax on track with union membership.  

Did you know union fees are tax deductible? That means at the end of every financial year, you can claim your union fees as a tax deduction. Union dues are often in the list of most overlooked tax deductions each year, so make sure you include them when you finalise your tax return. 

Why are union dues tax deductible?

Union dues (membership fees) are tax deductible because they are a work-related expense. Union membership contributes to improving your workplace, your rights, higher wages [link to union members earn more article] and to generally making Australia better and fairer for all.

Your union membership shares the costs of negotiating higher pay and better working conditions, and union members also share the cost of enforcing the agreements that your union makes with employers. All of these are business expenses and that’s part of the reason why your union dues are tax deductible.

How will I know how much to claim?

Most unions will send members a tax statement directly at the end of each financial year. If you pay your union dues via payroll deduction, this information should also be included on your payslips.  

You will then need to add the information under ‘other work-related deductions’ when you complete your tax return.

Tax Time Checklist

Got a workmate who isn’t yet a member of their union? Remind them to join today – and remind them to include it in their tax return next year.

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