Overtime is any work you do outside of your ordinary hours of employment. When this applies and how much you will get paid will depend on your award or agreement.

Some awards and agreements allow you to take time off instead of being paid overtime. This is sometimes called ‘time off in lieu’ or ‘TOIL’.

You should not be expected to work overtime for free. You should be paid for your time whether you are working long hours, taking work home or having to work on days off.

Your employer can ask you to work overtime under certain circumstances, but the request must be reasonable.

Contact your union if you are feeling pressure to work unpaid or unreasonable amounts of overtime. Your union can help you to negotiate a fairer deal with your employer.

Funding for this factsheet was provided by the Victorian Government as part of the UTECH project. Please note that the information given here is general information only and is not legal advice. For further assistance, it is recommended you speak to your union.