Leave Loading

Leave loading is an extra payment given on top of annual leave pay. Also known as holiday loading or annual leave loading, it is one of the many important leave entitlements Australian workers and their unions have fought for.

Paid annual leave is a minimum entitlement for Australian employees but leave loading is not. This means that your entitlement to leave loading will depend on your award or agreement.

Depending on your award or agreement, leave loading is usually around 17.5% extra pay on top of your annual leave pay. If you are terminated from your employment, you are usually entitled to be paid out for both annual leave and annual leave loading.

Contact your union if you are unsure of your leave loading entitlements or if you believe your employer has not met their payment obligations.

Funding for this factsheet was provided by the Victorian Government as part of the UTECH project. Please note that the information given here is general information only and is not legal advice. For further assistance, it is recommended you speak to your union.