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Find super confusing? Check this guy out!

This election saw everyday Australians trying to unravel the puzzle that is superannuation.  With terms like ‘franking credits’, ‘co-contributions’ and ‘retirement income tax’, it's safe to say there was a lot of confusing terms being thrown around with not a whole lot of people actually knowing what they mean.

Superannuation is full of jargon, great for parliamentary policy wonks – not so great for your average Joe Blow.

So we thought it was time to take the confusion out of super.

We’d like to introduce Sam, the Super-know-it-all man.

What Sam lacks in social etiquette – he gains in knowledge about the sometimes seemingly niche topic of super in Australia.  And we’ve employed him to help explain the more perplexing topics of super.

Now, Sam lives on Industry Super Australia's FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn pages.  You can check him out there as he looks to explain the new super changes to account consolidation.

But he won’t stop there!  Given Sam’s lack of a social life, he’s always looking for new topics to investigate.  Do you have something you would like Sam to do the heavy reading for you?  Message Industry Super Australia with your question here, or comment on Sam’s posts, linked above.

Super shouldn’t be a language understandable to only a select few.  Help us get Sam out there by sharing his research on account consolidation on your own social channels to help make super fair again.

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  • Fred Price
    test actuonline
    commented 2019-06-06 12:04:12 +1000
    At long last, lets have a Dictionary of, I call them double-talk slang and meaningless pseudonyms, which is purely intended to lockout a lay persons understanding and favour the do-nothing shiny arsed freeloaders.
    You guys can start with, “leveraging”?: A lever is an extended handle to reduce the force/torque needed to rotate a valve shaft or a nut on a bolt etc. Please explain just what these superior freeloaders are conveying to there initiated!