Transport to and from work

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Transport to and from work

Transport risks

As more people return to work, it will become increasingly difficult to practice physical distancing when travelling to and from work. As the coronavirus is spread through the air,  fresh clean air is essential. This includes when travelling in vehicles etc. 

Employers need to consult with workers about what agreed measures can be put in place to help prevent the spread or contracting of COVID-19.

In some cases, sites may be able to discuss with local transport providers more suitable timetabling to make it easier to travel outside peak times.

Some measures to consider include:

1. Where practicable and safe, rotate groups of workers so that some are working at home whilst others come to the workplace.

2. For travelling in private vehicles:

  • Avoid car-pooling when coming to and from work
  • Encourage people to sit as far apart as possible in vehicles
  • As much as possible, travel with windows open 
  • Turn the aircon onto fresh air intake, not recirculating air
  • Encourage cleaning and wiping down all interior touch points inside vehicles before and after travelling
  • Put in place arrangements that eliminates or reduces the need for workers to travel together in vehicles.
  • Limit passengers in vehicles

3. Public transport:

  • Offer staggered work times to be able to avoid peak hour – however, this must be done in accordance with arrangements for working hours [see above]
  • Encourage commuters to practise good hand and respiratory hygiene
  • Hand washing facilities and/or hand sanitisers need to be available at every entry and exit point
  • Encourage commuters to wear masks. 

4. Building entry and exit

  • Continue to allow remote working where practical and safe
  • Control entry numbers to buildings by considering staggered start and finish times (as per relevant industrial agreements and in consultation with affected workers)
  • Provide bins with lids, for tissues etc at every building entry and exit point.
  • Review end of trip facilities and provide additional cleaning. Many workers may choose to cycle or walk to work to avoid public transport. Building owners and managers should consider additional measures to encourage this and minimise ‘end of trip’ risks.

The wearing of masks is mandated by health authorities in many circumstances. Irrespective of the health advice, when travelling in vehicles with people outside of the people you live with, masks are a good idea.

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