Got questions about your work rights during COVID-19?

Published: 17/08/2020
Category: Covid-19
Published: 17/08/2020
Category: Covid-19

The Australian Unions Support Centre has the answers.

When business restrictions were introduced to slow the spread of COVID-19, Amy* found herself amongst the thousands of workers in Australia without work.

“It all changed so quickly. One week I was told to work from home and then the next week, I was stood down,” she said.

“I’d never even heard of a stand down. I was employed full-time on a permanent contract and thought that protected my job.”

Amy said that there was little communication from her employer and finding answers to her questions was difficult.

“I didn’t know how long I would be stood down for, what my pay and leave entitlements were, or if I could apply for government support.”

“I just wanted to know how I was going to pay my bills”.

Like Amy, many are feeling unsure of their workers’ rights during this time.

Whether you are dealing with business shutdowns, adapting to changes to the way you work or facing new health and safety risks – the Australian Unions Support Centre is here to help.

What is the Australian Unions Support Centre?

The Australian Unions Support Centre provides free and confidential assistance and information to workers.

Drawing on the knowledge of health and safety and industrial law experts, the Australian Unions Support Centre is a trusted go-to resource on your rights at work.

How can the Australian Unions Support Centre help me?

Although there are laws to protect workers, how this law applies to you isn’t always clear.

The Australian Unions Support Centre provides accurate and straight forward information about essential worker issues, including:

  • Working safely
  • Casual work
  • JobKeeper and JobSeeker
  • Leave and other entitlements
  • Bullying and harassment

You can search our online guides for the answers you need or speak directly to someone in the Support Centre.

What if I’m not a union member?

When it comes to workers’ rights, not all employers can be trusted to do the right thing. From bullying and harassment to pay and leave entitlements, if you need work-related advice Australian unions are the best place for workers to turn.

The Australian Unions Support Centre is here to help all workers. As well as providing free, confidential information, they can help connect you with a union.

You can join a union today, or contact the Australian Unions Support Centre.

*Name has been changed

Got questions about your work rights during COVID-19?

Got questions about your work rights during COVID-19?