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Every month, union members win great prizes with our exclusive competitions.  Make sure you don't miss out on the opportunity to win some fantastic prizes from Australian Unions.

Our competitions are finished for 2016 - please check back in late January 2017 for more!


December 2016

  • Festive Pack #1 Winner:  Rebecca Hughes, ASU Vic
  • Festive Pack #2 Winner:  Steven Newham, ASU Vic
  • Festive Pack #3 Winner:  Marlene McLean, ASU Vic

November 2016

Don's Party DVD

Tony Ansell, TWU Vic, Sharon Oliver, AEU Tas

Picnic at Hanging Rock DVD

Susanna Andrews, TSU Qld, Bob Chown CSA WA

Sunbury '72 DVD

John Taylor, AMWU NSW, Nanette Hill, PSA SA

October 2016

Hunt for the Wilderpeople DVD

Fiona Gale, NSWTF, Rhonda Jackson, PSA NSW, Tara Alexander, NTEU NSW

Citizenfour DVD

Steve Griffith, CPSU NSW, Lisa Gleeson, NTEU Vic, Dave Graham, CPSU Vic

September 2016 winners

Backtrack DVD

Deborah Atton, NSWNMA, Martin Mascall, CPSU WA, Karen Pietrangelo, ASU Vic

A Month of Sundays DVD

Ken Doyle, AEU ACT, Michelle Allen, NTEU Vic, Jodie Rowe, FSU Vic

August 2016 winners

Putuparri and the Rainmakers DVD

Phoebe Kelloway, PSA SA, Tanya Smith, ASU Qld, Sam Byrne, CPSU NSW

Where To Invade Next DVD

Michael McKeon, ETU Vic, Stephen Locke, HSU NSW, Matthew Ng, USU NSW

Facebook 'Like' $100b WISH gift card competition winner

Kim Travers, CPSU Vic

July 2016 winners

UnIndian DVD

Don Howell, CPSU/CSA WA, Pantipa Sriphya NSWNMA, Kim Parker, ANMF Tas

Shooting for Socrates DVD

Marc Voordeckers, CWU Qld, Andrew McMullin, ASU Vic, Bridgette Mexted, NSWNMA

June 2016 winners

45 Years DVD

Alison Kendal, ACT, John May, USU NSW, Rhonda Jackson, PSA NSW 

James White DVD

Graham King QNU Qld, Chandravadan Shah, NTEU Vic, Rehana Ford, FSU Vic 

May 2016 winners

99 Homes DVD

Stirling Lewis, CPSU NSW, John May, USU NSW, Penny Gilmour, AEU Vic

Mississippi Grind DVD

Wendy Coleman, ASU NT, Elizabeth Bogue, NTEU SA, Deborah Atton, NSWNMA

April 2016 winners

Matilda & Me DVD

Cheree Nulty, ASU SA, Jane Gibson, NSWNMA, Brenda Eldridge, CPSU Vic

Sleeping with Other People DVD

Eric Coyle, NUW Vic, Jon Saul, NTEU Vic, Denise Henden, CPSU/CSA WA

March 2016 winners

Sucker DVD

Narelle McMahon, NUW NSW, Ken Folkes, TSU Qld, Nev Sheather, CPSU ACT

Learning to Drive DVD

Sharon Piech, NSWTF, Karen Lee, USU NSW, Jason Barrow, NTEU WA

Jan/Feb 2016 winners

Walking on Sunshine DVD

Lynne Jaensch, CPSU Qld, Jan Bates, ANMF Vic, Michael King, CPSU Vic

How To Change The World DVD

Anita Mackiewicz, AMWU Qld, Scott O'Keefe, MEAA NSW, Kaushal Goshalia, ASU SA

























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