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#CensusFail - the CPSU perspective

The 2016 Census was a slow motion train crash.

In the weeks leading up to what’s previously been a mundanely uncontroversial exercise, community goodwill was tested by concerns about how the Census would be conducted, privacy and digital security.

The Government and ABS seemed unprepared to deal with these concerns...

Trickle down inequality exposed

One of the defining concepts that underpins much of Malcolm Turnbull's economic ideas - and pretty much every conservative government going back to Reagan and Thatcher in the 1980s - is the belief in "trickle down". It's the miss-placed idea that by giving tax breaks and other hand outs to...

Questions at Work

Support for asbestos victims

Maree asks: We just found out yesterday that my dad has mesothelioma. The whole family is just beside ourselves and we don’t know what to do. He was a builder so he could’ve been exposed to asbestos on any number of occasions. We don’t know where to turn. Can you refer us to something in Queensland?

Should I be paid for any overtime I work?

Leonie asks: I work for the local council and I’ve just now changed jobs within the council. I’m not being paid for overtime or coming in on the weekends.

Do I still get penalty rates if I’m sick that day?

Erin asks: If I normally work on a day when a public holiday falls but I’m sick on that day and so don’t go in, would I get penalty rates?