Thanks to a huge campaign by Australian union members,
from 1 July 2022 almost 3 million workers received a pay rise
of up to 5.2%.

It’s time to check those payslips because you may have received a permanent boost to your pay or superannuation.

As of 1 July there are three major things to look out for:

  1. The minimum wage increased by 5.2% and award wages increased by 4.6%.

  2. The Superannuation Guarantee (the amount your employer has to contribute to your super fund) increased to 10.5% of your pay.

  3. The $450 threshold for receiving employer-paid superannuation was abolished. This means that if you’re over 18 years old, you should be paid super on every dollar you earn.

These wins show what can happen when Australian workers stand together in their unions and demand better.

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From 1 July, the minimum wage increased by 5.2%.

This increase equates to an extra $40 per week for a full-time worker on the minimum wage.

For workers who are reliant on award wages, the increase was 4.6% or $40 per week, whichever is higher.

This is a huge and proud win for the union movement, which fought hard for this increase, standing up for the quarter of Australian workers who rely on this process for a pay rise.

From 1 July, the Super Guarantee increased to 10.5%.

Australian union members fought for superannuation for Australian workers, and now we’re committed to making it stronger.

That means increasing the amount of super that workers get, as well as making sure it is available to more of us. From 1 July, employers must pay super to workers aged over 18 for every dollar they earn.

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Union membership = staying protected + strength in numbers

Now is the perfect time to join almost two million Australian workers just like you,
who are taking action to drive real change.

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In nearly every case of wage or super theft, unions are behind the discovery and recovery.