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Stop Tony Abbott's Anti-Worker Laws

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  • Marion Ivanic
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    commented 2014-08-30 18:33:35 +1000
    I remember nursing when there were no unions, as young girls they did whatever they liked with us, and when we worked night shift, we had no break, a meal was brought to us – eleven and a half hrs and sometimes we didn’t have time to eat it. We worked one night extra a fortnight without pay. When one nurse brought a union representative in, he was shown the door and she almost got the sack. What Azrael Raven wrote I could have written it myself and I’m sure many others would say the same.
  • Andrew Lambkin
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    commented 2014-08-30 18:29:33 +1000
    Yet again we see the spectre of the crippling of employees’ rights and their ability to organise to defend themselves and their families arising from the policies of an IPA-led government. When you reduce the ability of hardworking people to pay their bills and provide for their families, you dramatically increase the risk of skyrocketing demands on the welfare system through more broken mortgages, broken homes and yet more good people falling through the cracks of the economic system. When you reduce the spending power of hardworking people, you start to strangle economic activity throughout the community. Any government that claims that the economy needs saving from something and that they are the people to save it should be going nowhere near policies that produce these outcomes. It doesn’t make sense.
  • Pearl Robinson Robinson
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    commented 2014-08-30 18:29:09 +1000
    I’m thankful to have a job. I’m thankful that my working conditions are good but they were hard fought for. If this legislation is passed my working conditions will change. Not for the better though. This is totally outragious and uncalled for. If we lose what we have fought so hard to get we may as well be in a third world country. We all have bills to pay and the cost of living is continually rising. Tell me how we are to survive if our expenses outweigh our incomes? If we need two jobs to even support ourselves and our families. How can we even have a family life? Something has to give. Wake up Australia, this isn’t the way to change our economics!
  • Craig Cowan
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    commented 2014-08-30 18:11:42 +1000
    Fucking animal you are tony..
  • Andrew Perry
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    commented 2014-08-30 17:57:19 +1000
    protect your working conditions. do all you can to stop this. this fool will stop the boats to protect the “australian way of life” but really, these laws stop the australian way of life
  • Kim Horner
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    commented 2014-08-30 17:50:46 +1000
    Workers are not commodities. Penalty rates and weekend rates exist to compensate workers for working unsociable hours – not having weekends to visit families, working when everyone else has a day off (public holidays), working during important cultural holidays (Easter, Christmas). If employers have a veto over industrial action, then employees will be trapped in unfair conditions.
  • Frank Oldfield
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    commented 2014-08-30 17:49:39 +1000
    All Workers need Unity and Solidarity through Union Membership…Keep up the good work ACTU :)
  • Elizabeth Shannon
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    commented 2014-08-30 17:12:11 +1000
    It is Australian unions that have given workers rights and bargaining power. Destruction of unions will allow any government to hand over all powers to employers to the detriment of workers and our Australian way of life, the “fair go”. Please vote against any moves by the Abbott government to water down workers’ rights.
  • Barry McElligott
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    commented 2014-08-30 17:06:31 +1000
    It is about time all Australian workers stood as a majority, and walked off their jobs. I mean all Australian workers, not just the minority. It appears those that have their jobs or conditions threatened are the minority. No one cares until it affects them and that is the truth. It will eventually affect everyone, who will stand to help you, when there is no one left. Who will help you, when you would not help them. Be united and stand up for the right to have work conditions improved, for your future and your children’s future. Bring he country to stand still, they cannot sack everyone.
  • Patricia Fraser
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    commented 2014-08-30 16:44:19 +1000
    No one who has ever worked in a non-unionised office & factory as I did over 40 years ago, would vote for a Govt. that despises workers, but today we are leaving large numbers of young people without any hope of employment & bringing foreign workers from poor economies to work for peanuts; thousands are being laid off after many years leaving whole communities shattered, whilst CEO’s & politicians (ie Australia Post, Quantas, et al reap the benefits of “economic rationalism.” It’s time to go back to the drawing board & work by the laws of basic economics; one of which is "an honest days work for an honest days pay!
  • santosh kc
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    commented 2014-08-30 16:41:08 +1000
    Bunch of legal inhumane robbers.
  • Lisa Margetts
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    commented 2014-08-30 16:31:04 +1000
    Maybe a protest, as a casual employee I’d probably lose my job if I went on strike especially if Tony Abbot has his way. “Tony The Liar” you are crippling the Aussie worker. It’s disgraceful how much of our tax paying $ goes to other countries and you cannot even look after this country. Put AUSTRALIANS FIRST!!!
  • Glenys Maczkowiack
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    commented 2014-08-30 16:30:18 +1000
    Pushing the country backwards yet again .. ping ponging to and fro between political parties. Australians need a secure fair work act that is not changed at the whim of the government of the time. Please do not repeal the current laws which are fair for both employer and employee.
  • Robert May
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    commented 2014-08-30 16:20:38 +1000
    Every working person needs to help themselves by supporting the Union movements attempt to stop ABBOTTS ATTACK ON EMPLOYMENT CONDITIONS, 5 minutes to follow the link and contact the crossbenchers, contact your local members as well.
  • Darryl Jackson
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    commented 2014-08-30 16:11:19 +1000
    When will Politicians realize that they are Public Servants and are employed by the people of Australia. Without the workers none of these companies would exist & the government wouldn’t be getting any money in there coffers. About time they take a pay cut or maybe look at the ever increasing cost of living expenses on households and fix that instead of attacking the worker.
    Australians need to unite and rise up to voice their concerns to the government on.
  • Antonia Hildebrand
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    commented 2014-08-30 16:10:55 +1000
    Absolutely disgusting and immoral and will have dire consequences for the LNP when they finally have to face the voters. They want to cut pay by $140 a week and pensions by $60 a week. They are inhuman, crazed ideologues.
  • John Hall
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    commented 2014-08-30 16:07:38 +1000
    So is Abbott the Zombie or work choices is a dead man walking. Their true colours seem to shine through in the end. I know talking to people there are lots saying what did I vote for at the last election… It was’t this s!#t.
  • Ian MacDonald
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    commented 2014-08-30 16:06:14 +1000
    What we need is a general strike (the whole country) to bring the country to a standstill to show Abbott and his cronies that they can’t stuff around with peoples lively hood. This government is so out of touch with the Australian population that they need to be dismantled. If Labour and the Greens and the x benchers don’t cause a double dissolution (which is what the country wants) then a general strike will bring it home. In this day with low interest rates etc, why are big companies posting massive increase in profits? It’s true, without your workers no company can survive.
  • Angela Verdenius
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    commented 2014-08-30 16:00:54 +1000
    We work so hard for what we get, and while we have to beg, plead and bargain for any small payrise or condition, we see the policiticans and wealthy trying to walk all over us and grind us into the gournd. It’s hearbreaking – not to mention the threat of lower paid workers from foreign countries being given preference – yes, it does happen…
  • Jenny Skelton
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    commented 2014-08-30 15:42:37 +1000
    Companies large and small would not be making any profit at all if it weren’t for their workers. We help these companies to exist in Australia and elsewhere. What is it that allows the people in government, the owners and share holders of corporations to think that they have a right to make money to finance their lifestyles without giving any thought at all to the welfare and wellbeing of the workers and their families.
    What has happened to the culture of ’ a fair go’ are all of our Australian values being eroded now?
    If workers become poorer, less healthy, more stressed because of financial and other problems it is blindingly obvious that it would impact on society as a whole in a myriad of different ways.
    Do we really want to live in a society that has become so uncaring and so inhumane ?
    We all deserve better…
  • Matthew Plumb
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    commented 2014-08-30 15:31:06 +1000
    It’s workers who vote in elections – not corporations. Politicians on all sides would do well to remember this. It is unions who are responsible for Australia having the one of the best ways of life in the world. It is unions that put workers on equal footing with their employers and make for fair workplaces. Tony, Joe, Eric Abetz and the rest of their arrogant, top-end-of-town crew would all have us grateful to those who own our waking hours and groveling to keep our jobs – it should be the bosses who should be grateful for our industry and groveling for us to keep lining their pockets in return for a half-dignified living. It shouldn’t just be Labor sticking up for the Australian people – it is the responsibility of everyone who ever got a vote from one of us!
  • Marie Sheedy
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    commented 2014-08-30 15:24:10 +1000
    This bill is once again a betrayal of the Australian people who voted against Work Choices and demonstrates Abbott’s commitment to the wealthy at the expense of the vast majority of ordinary Australians. It is part of a package: Mr Abbott is also planning to bring in migrant workers to work for less and undercut Australian workers at a time when unemployment is at a record high. He and his government are deliberately destroying our once fair and equitable country in an effort to maximise the wealth of those who put him in office through funding and media support. It is to undermine our democratic state to assist this government to ignore the wishes of the Australian public using trickery and lies.
  • Henry McElligott
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    commented 2014-08-30 15:22:27 +1000
    One World Government puppet Tony Abbot
  • Jason Doust
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    commented 2014-08-30 15:20:39 +1000
    Raise the platform, Igor! Workchoices monster lives!

    These thugs would just be sad if they weren’t for real.
  • Ray Pastoors
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    commented 2014-08-30 12:07:12 +1000
    This bill brings back just a few pieces of the Workchoices Act which the community said no to this election and prior. Tony Abbott and his Liberal conservatives are too aligned to Workchoices, Senator Abetz and the like crave for more control and corporation power making the system unfair for all Australian workers.
  • Gerry Constantinou
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    commented 2014-08-30 10:46:54 +1000
    This Bill is an attack on the Australian way of life and will make my life harder. There is no room for negotiation. No room for amendment. Please vote NO NO NO.
  • Ashlee D Cunningham
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    commented 2014-08-30 08:43:40 +1000
    I guess work choices wasn’t so dead and buried after all.
  • stacey hughes
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    commented 2014-08-30 01:04:12 +1000
    No, just NO…get Gina and Rupert to pay their fair share so workers don’t have to be exploited…the elite can afford to give back to the community, since they take so much out, don’t let them be greedy pigs forcing people to their knees without the dignity of a fair go in life!