Stop anti-union laws!

Stop anti-union laws

Unions fight for wage increases, jobs and financial security in work and retirement for working people, but the Turnbull Government wants to make the job of unions as hard as possible

When Governments attack unions all working people suffer.

The Turnbull Government is attacking unions with unfair laws and police raids. Now they are demanding the Senate pass even more extreme laws to hand over superannuation to the banks and give even more power to the Registered Organisation Commission (the ROC) and Michaelia Cash to harass unions.

These laws are so extreme, they would never apply to banks, corporations or political parties.

Instead of fixing record low wage growth and fixing the mass casulisation of jobs the Turnbull Government is obsessed with attacking unions.

We must stop these anti-union laws in their tracks!

Act now, by taking action in the missions below:

Contact key cross bench Senators and ask them to vote against Turnbull and Cash’s anti-union laws

Sign the petition to keep Michaelia Cash out of our unions

Download and share this flyer about attacks on unions

For more about the 5 bills, here’s a video explainer here


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  • Rocco Caruso
    test actuonline
    commented 2018-04-26 20:49:39 +1000
    Power to the unions = living wages
  • david kraus
    test actuonline
    commented 2018-03-16 15:04:03 +1100
    Anti union attacks: Question the government has to be asked/answer ARE THEY ALSO GOING TO APPLY THE SAME LAWS TO BUSINESS AND EMPLOYER ASSOCIATIONE Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Motor Traders’ Association of New South Wales, Real Estate Association of New South Wales the list could go on see Fair Work Ombudsman website for full list????
  • Willie Mclean
    test actuonline
    commented 2017-12-06 20:44:42 +1100
    This is our super. Not yours. Bet you wouldn’t like us getting into your super. Greedy pricks.
  • Cricket Charlie
    test actuonline
    commented 2017-12-01 23:07:12 +1100
    This is bloody outrageous. Keep the Greedy Banks away from Industry Superannusation.