Solidarity Forever

Australian union members built the fair go, but every generation has to continue to fight for it

With your generous support, we will continue to deliver the vision of a fair go for future generations of working people.

Thank you

You have supported us over the years and we would first like to say thank you, it has not gone unnoticed.

At the Australian Council of Trade Unions, we bring the union community together to fight for the most important issues in Australia. Our movement is completely people-powered, and we are united by our quest for fairness and equity for all workers.

The support you have given us throughout your working life means our movement has achieved incredible things.

So thanks again for being an essential part of the mighty trade union movement.

What we fight for

For the Workers

Workers are carrying Australia through the pandemic and we will not accept workers being punished by the Government with attacks on their rights at work.

For equality for women

Equality is not a negotiation, and for generations strong union women have stood up and fought for gender equality. Whether equal pay, parental leave, an end to sexual harassment, or paid family and domestic violence leave, our campaigns for women’s equality will always be at the forefront of the action we take.

For secure jobs

Australia used to have the most secure jobs in the world. Whether it’s casualised jobs with less rights, or years of low pay growth, insecure work is a serious problem for our community. 

For safety at work

Every worker deserves to go to work and get home safely, but there are still too many workers who are killed, injured or experience workplace violence. We need to make sure workers are safe at work – both physically and mentally.

Every generation builds on the work of the previous generation

The union movement is built on the principle of solidarity: the simple idea that we are stronger when we stand united. The simple idea that workers can achieve amazing things when we recognise we have more in common with each other than differences.

It is this powerful principle that animates and unites every unionist – and it is because of our solidarity that we continually strive to improve things. Even when we have a win – on superannuation, parental leave or Jobseeker – it is our belief in solidarity that makes us continue to fight for those who still lack respect, safety or security at work.

In the years since I became ACTU Secretary, I have continually been inspired by everyday union members just like you – people who literally make our movement great. Your commitment and solidarity over the years and decades have made Australia one of the best places to live and work in the world.

But our work is never done, and we will always keep the struggle to build a better future.

Leaving a bequest in your Will to the ACTU is an excellent way of ensuring you can continue to contribute to the union movement long after you’ve passed. It will ensure that what we have achieved, with your help and your dedication, will continue to benefit and work for future generations. It makes sure that your achievements and values are remembered for years to come.

Leaving a gift to the ACTU is an act of solidarity that will help millions of workers in the future. Any amount you leave in your Will can make a big difference to the work we do.

I hope that this information will give you useful information about what it means to leave a bequest to the ACTU.

Thank you for your solidarity.

Sally McManus, ACTU Secretary

Our values


When we stand together, we are stronger

Fairness, equality and opportunity for all

Everybody should have the chance to live the life they want.


We treat each other and all workers with dignity and respect.

Our mission


Protect workers’ rights from backward policy changing and exploitation.


Constantly improve and adapt work, laws and policies to create a better future for all.


Unite workers across the country to fight for change.

Andrew’s legacy

Andrew Casey left a gift that inspired a new union

Andrew devoted his life to working people and continued that dedication by leaving a bequest in his Will to the ACTU. His legacy provided seed funding for Hair Stylists Australia, a new craft union within the AWU.

As a result, hair stylists now have a dedicated union, fighting for fair pay, professional recognition and penalty rates in their industry. All thanks to Andrews’s generosity.

Why give to the ACTU

Your memory will live on as your support helps us to fight for a better fairer Australia.

  • You will help to protect the changes you fought so hard for.
  • Policies will continue to adapt to new more challenging issues.
  • Working people will be better protected from mistreatment at work.
  • You are welcomed into a unique community of fellow unionists dedicated
    to the cause.
  • The union movement will stand stronger.

How to give to the ACTU

Including the ACTU in your Will is simple and the process is the same as providing for your loved one. Your first consideration should be your family and loved ones, but your Will also allows you to support the causes you care about.

If you do not already have a Will, you should engage a professional, such as a solicitor, so that you can be confident that your Will covers all your bases. Many unions offer free or low cost Wills to members so it is worth checking whether this is available to you; you can contact us to see if you are eligible for a free or low cost Will.

Alternatively, you can find a legal professional through the Law Society or Institute in your state or territory.

If you already have a Will, a codicil is an easy way to include the ACTU in your Will without having to rewrite it. It is simply an addition or modification to your Will. It is important to seek legal advice to ensure it is legally valid.

If you would like to have a confidential discussion about your options in leaving a gift to the ACTU in your Will with one of our team, you can contact us be phone or by email.


1300 486 466

Your will. Your legacy.

There are three types of gift you can leave in your Will.

Fixed amount

Leaves a specific gift which clearly specifies the donation amount.


A gift expressed as a percentage or fraction of you Estate. This takes into account the changing value of your Estate over time.


Gifting the remainder of your Estate after leaving loved ones and payment of any financial commitments.

What will your legacy be?

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive.

If you have any additional questions about leaving a gift to the ACTU in your Will, please contact us.

A Will is a legal document that ensures that your wishes are carried out when you pass away, particularly in terms of how you wish to distribute your assets and possessions. Without a Will, your relatives may disagree about what to do with your estate or, if you don’t have relatives, the government may decide.

If you don’t have a Will already, it is important that you engage a Solicitor to write one for you. Getting professional advice is the best way to make sure the correct wording is used to avoid potential mistakes and misunderstandings regarding your wishes about your estate.

If you already have a Will you can change it at any time. It is advised that you revise your Will every five years and whenever there is a major change within your extended family. Your wishes or circumstances may change over the years, so it is important to make sure your Will reflects these.

Keep in mind

Here is a list of the simple things to remember when making a Will:

  • Make sure a family member knows where to find your Will. Ideally the original should be with your Lawyer and a copy kept with your other important documents at home.

  • A Will needs to be signed or witnessed properly; each state has rules on this. Usually it requires two independent adults who are not potential beneficiaries.
  • Consider the small sentimental items or those with no commercial value such as photos. It is often these items which family members squabble over due to the fact the Will does not include instructions as to what should be left to beneficiaries.

We understand your loved ones come first.  Most of our supporters include a gift to ACTU after they have taken care of their family and friends.  Ask your solicitor or Trustee Company about the best way for you to do this.

This is a personal decision for you to make but we do suggest letting your family know of your wishes ahead of time.  Discussing your wishes with your loved ones means you can explain your decisions and any questions they have.

Thousands of ordinary Australians leave a gift in their Will to a cause or issue they care about.  Every gift – no matter how large or small – can make an enormous and lasting difference to Australian workers.

The cost of putting together or updating your Will depends on how complex your personal affairs.  Ask your solicitor or Trustee Company for an estimate.  Once you’ve made your decision, leaving a gift in your Will is easy to arrange.  A few phone calls and a visit to your solicitor or Trustee Company is all it should take.  You may wish to wait until next time you update your Will.

Yes, it is as simple as adding an amendment or codicil to your existing Will.  Please contact your solicitor or Trustee Company and they will assist you with this.

You can use the provided suggested wording on leaving a gift in your Will as a guide when speaking to your solicitor or Trustee Company.  It is important that bequests are left to Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) (ABN 67 175 982 800).

We ask that you keep your gift quite general so it’s easier for us to fulfil your wishes in the future.  This also means we can respond where the need is greatest when we eventually receive the gift.  Let us know if you want to support an area of our work.  We are happy to discuss this and give you as much choice as possible.

You can tell us you’ve included a gift in your Will if you want to.  We’d love to hear from you, if that’s what you choose, so we can thank you for your thoughtfulness. All the information you share with us is strictly confidential.  By letting us know, we can also give you a choice about how you like us to communicate with you in the future.

You never stop being union