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ME supporting members impacted by bushfires

ME has activated its natural disaster hotline to support ME customers affected by bushfires. 

In addition to this, they will be proactively reaching out to members who bank with ME that they believe may have been affected by the recent bushfire activity that has devastated communities across Australia.

ME are there to support members that bank with them and if they have suffered loss of property, employment or are experiencing any other financial difficulties – they would like to help.

ME Bushfires Hotline - 1300 500 520

ME have a team of people ready to assist with a range of support options designed to reduce the financial burden and help get them back on their feet.

If the bushfires have affected you, or your members who are ME customers, please call or tell your members to call 1300 500 520 to discuss how ME can assist with their circumstances and needs.