Looking for a health fund that's all about you? - ACTU Australian Unions

Looking for a health fund that's all about you?

A fund that values YOU and offers YOU amazing value – all day, every day?

Lately health funds have made a lot of noise to get your attention.  Short term incentives, honeymoon periods and a pile of promises designed to win you over.   It feels like it’s all about what they need, not what’s right for YOU.

Move to a lifetime of quality health and well-being and great value with Union Health.  Value that comes from a long-term partnership that delivers personalised health and well-being support that’s all about YOU every day, not just when we’re trying to woo you.

Switch to Union Health today and receive your second month free PLUS a gift card valued up to $250 from one of our Mates Rates partners* and experience the value of a health fund relationship that’s all about YOU.

For more information and terms and conditions, call 1300 661 283 or head to unionhealth.com.au/upointnwa.


*Terms and Conditions apply