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Share Your Story

Go into your community, talk to people and listen to how people have been impacted by the excessive power of corporations and the very rich. Help our movement find the most powerful stories so we can tell them to Australia and help Change the Rules.

Change the rules

We are building a movement to Change the Rules to bring fairness back to Australia. Volunteer to join the fight!

Businesses 4 Penalty Rates

Do you know of a business that supports penalty rates and their workers ? Register them!

Stop Turnbull's PaTH to Poverty

Stop Turnbull's PaTH to Poverty. Young people need jobs they can count on.

First Nations Workers Alliance

There is strength in numbers

If our elected representatives don't stop devastating penalty rates cuts - this is what will happen. Get the facts on penalty rates.

Stop the cuts – write your letter to the editor

Write your letter to the editor and stand up for penalty rates!

Weekend workers don't deserve a pay cut

I just signed to protect our penalty rates. You can too!

Sign the petition and Tell Turnbull we need a National Anti-Corruption Commission NOW!

The best way to weed out corruption is to have a national Anti-Corruption Commission with the powers to investigate all areas of society. Establish a Commission now!

Dump Malcolm's corporate tax cuts. Fund our schools and hospitals instead.

I've just signed the petition asking Senators to block Malcolm's tax cuts for corporations. Have you?