Secure Jobs for a Safe Climate

Australia needs secure jobs for a safe climate

Australian union members are stepping up and taking action to fight for secure jobs and a safe climate.

Workers are stepping up to face the climate crisis by reducing emissions in our workplaces and communities, creating new clean energy industries, responding on the frontlines to extreme weather like bushfires, heatwaves and floods; and dealing with the impact that climate change is having on every job.

But under the Morrison Government, Australia is being left behind. Without a genuine plan to cut pollution and ensure a just transition for workers and communities in the shift to net zero emissions, Australia will be left behind as the world embraces new clean technologies and industries.

Get active and make a real difference to combatting the climate crisis
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Step up and join your union to take real climate action in your workplace

We need to get serious about decarbonising our economy and supporting workers

Putting Australia on the path to net zero emissions by 2050 can be an opportunity to drive billions of dollars of new investment, create new jobs, create new industries, boost our resilience and build the stronger regions we’ll need to supercharge our recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Michele O’Neil

ACTU President

There’s no jobs on a dead planet

We need to have a sustainable planet with decent work and shared prosperity that provides workers with hope and security. And we need to make that transition just. That requires unions to be at the table to develop an agreed plan that gives workers a secure future.

Sharan Burrow

General Secretary, International Trade Union Confederation

Demand real climate action

Australian workers know that we can be part of the solution, building new low carbon industries and creating good union jobs. But unlike many other countries Australia has no coherent climate or energy policy and no plan to support workers and communities as we reduce emissions across the economy.

Climate resources for unionists

Read the Australian Unions Climate and Energy Action Plan

The world is facing a climate crisis. Australian workers know that we can be part of the solution, building new low carbon industries and creating good union jobs.

Check the ACTU climate resources page

Here’s a detailed list of resources about climate change, renewable energy, and just transition.

Sign the Safe Climate Petition

Australia’s lack of climate action under the Morrison government means we are being left behind in the fight for a safe future.