Your union will always be there for you – even if you change jobs frequently 

Published: 02/04/2022
Category: Job security
Published: 02/04/2022
Category: Job security

If you change jobs and industries more than most, there’s still a union for you 

Whether you’re in a job for two weeks or twenty years, it’s worth sticking with your union. 

We’d take it a step further and say that if you’re casual, a freelancer, a gig worker, a contractor, or just change jobs often, knowing your rights and having someone in your corner prepared to advocate for you is more important than ever. 

First things first, what’s the point of a union?

Australian Unions bring together almost 2 million workers who believe positive change is more than just an idea – it’s something we can work towards every single day. 

For over 100 years, workers in unions have taken action to create better work for all, including sick pay, annual leave, Medicare, penalty rates, higher wages, work safety laws, paid parental leave, even JobKeeper. In fact, the very idea of the eight-hour work day was born and raised right here in Australia. 

These are fundamental rights that we’re proud to have won for generations of Australians to come. And while the Liberal government can make the future of work look insecure, we’ve been here before and can create positive change again. 

Flexible work doesn’t have to be insecure with a union on your side

For some workers, flexible working conditions can be a real bonus. Working when you want and how you want is important, especially when the rest of life doesn’t follow a nine-to-five schedule. But flexible work shouldn’t mean insecure work. And flexible work shouldn’t mean all the flexibility is for the boss, and none for you. 

Secure work means reliable pay and the ability to plan for the future. Unfortunately, more than one in four workers in Australia is now in insecure work with no access to sick leave, annual leave or other basic entitlements. 

The Morrison Government could change laws to make jobs more reliable and secure. But instead, they’re choosing to support big business and multinational corporations – without requiring them to create secure jobs with fair wages in return.  

The union movement is holding the Federal Government and big business to account. We want the Government to introduce stronger laws that protect workers’ job security. Or make way for a government that will. 

As a union member, you’re already far more likely to be employed in a permanent role, but together we can also campaign to make sure jobs are stable and secure for all. 

With your help, we’re taking on the gig economy giants and coming out on top

It’s all well and good to talk about what needs to change, but your union will get boots on the ground and turn that talk into reality. 

Just this year, on the back of a landmark decision by the NSW Industrial Relations Commission, the Transport Workers Union secured significant improvements for couriers and drivers in New South Wales. 

In what is becoming a familiar story, Amazon Flex, one of the latest players in the industry, was trying to shortchange owner–operator drivers who use their own vehicles. But after a long and arduous campaign, these drivers will now be the first in the world to enjoy enforceable pay rates as well as rights to dispute resolution, union representation and collective bargaining. 

Taking on one of the biggest companies in the world and winning? That’s the power of your union. 

I work short stints in multiple industries. Is there really a union for me?

Short answer: Yes.  

Long answer: Absolutely yes. 

No matter what you do or where you go, unions are inclusive and welcoming. We’re united in our aim to work together to improve working lives and conditions. That starts with making sure that we find the right union for you – and everyone else. 

When you’re ready to join your union, fill out the online membership form, and we’ll let you know which union covers your job and work.  

Your union has tailored fees to your industry and circumstances – like your employment status and salary or wages. For example, many unions have low cost or free student memberships, so you don’t necessarily have to be working in the industry yet – but it’s best to check these details directly once you’ve joined. 

If you’re working a couple of jobs in different industries at once, give us a call to discuss which union to join.  

And the Australian Unions Support Centre is always available to provide for general work information and support, regardless of your job or industry. 

We need more people like you to help us make real change for all Australian workers

Sometimes, people think unions are just for certain workers in specific jobs and industries, like tradies, teachers, or public servants.  

But we’re for every worker, no matter who you are, where you come from or where you work. And we’d love to have you on board.

Support is there wherever you go

Your union will always be there for you – even if you change jobs frequently 

Your union will always be there for you – even if you change jobs frequently