Why the Government’s IR Bill is so dangerous and extreme

Published: 08/02/2021
Category: Analysis Industrial Relations
Published: 08/02/2021
Category: Analysis Industrial Relations

The Senate Inquiry into the Government’s dangerous and extreme industrial relations Bill has just begun.

Over the next two weeks, workers from across the country will give evidence on how the Bill will affect their pay, conditions and job security.

We know the Bill is dangerous and extreme because it will:

  • Allow employers to bring in agreements that do not meet the Better Off Overall Test (BOOT) – meaning they can include cuts to pay and conditions.
  • Roll back penalties for wage theft in Victoria, Queensland and the ACT.
  • Allow workers to be classed as casuals even when they have ongoing, regular hours.
  • Give employers the ability to ask workers covered by awards including hospitality and retail to work at different locations or perform different duties, with no oversight from the FWC.
  • Strip overtime pay from part time workers in retail, hospitality and other awards.
  • Double of the length of Greenfields agreements to eight years – leaving workers on large infrastructure projects with no ability to negotiate changes to workplace conditions like rosters or address OHS concerns.

What does all this REALLY mean? 

Above all: the Government wants to do the opposite to what Australia needs right now.

While we’re crying out for security and safety, they’re trying to cut pay and making jobs more insecure.

They’re trying to leave people with less money to spend which will hurt workers and our families and also small business and the economy.

And let’s be very clear: these aren’t laws that will attack any one specific industry or worker.

These laws will have an effect on every worker in this country – and will send us back to the Workchoices era.

Download our full submission to the Inquiry to get all the facts on this dangerous and extreme legislation.

Done that? Here’s how else you can support our campaign against this Bill.

Step 1:

You can’t heal the economy by hurting workers

Step 2:

There can be no cuts to pay or the taking away of worker’s rights

Step 3:

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Why the Government’s IR Bill is so dangerous and extreme

Why the Government’s IR Bill is so dangerous and extreme