Tanya Plibersek, stressful jobs, Christmas and Greg Jericho

There’s a new book, very questionable conditions for food delivery drivers, Sally’s found some low-stress jobs and we chat to Greg Jericho about changing employment thanks to Covid-19.

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Further reading from this episode

Upturn: A better normal after COVID-19, edited by Tanya Plibersek

‘Party in a box’ and other ideas for your 2020 office Christmas party – SMH

Food delivery riders are the 21st century’s chimney sweeps – SMH

The five least stressful jobs, as ranked by Japanese working people – Japan Today

The government is using the pandemic to lock in low wages and insecure work – Greg Jericho, The Guardian

Jobkeeper has failed, and it’s hitting women and young people the hardest – Greg Jericho, The Guardian



Sally Rugg, @sallyrugg

Francis Leach, @SaintFrankly

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