4 reasons to join your union today

Published: 04/05/2021
Category: Workers rights
Published: 04/05/2021
Category: Workers rights

Here at Australian Unions, we can’t help but draw parallels between our cause and the Rebel Alliance – it is Star Wars day afterall, so indulge us.

Think about it.

The Rebel Alliance were all about standing up for the greater good – same.

They formed from resistance movements, joining together to overcome overwhelming challenges – that’s our whole vibe!

But the thing is, we can’t defeat the dark side and restore balance to the galaxy without you.

So, this May the Fourth we’re asking you to step up and join the rebellion your union.

Need more reasons than a loose Star Wars analogy? Let the force these four guide you.

1. Rebels Union members get better wages and conditions

Union members get better wages, better leave entitlements and better working conditions.

This is because union members are able to join together to negotiate their pay and conditions, rather than face management alone.

The more workers in a union, the more power members have to win a better deal.

2. Alliance Union workplaces are safer workplaces

Union workplaces are safer workplaces. Many of the rights we take for granted were fought for and won by union members, such as workers’ compensation and bans on asbestos.

As well as working to improve work health and safety, unions fight to make workplaces more inclusive for all workers.

Unions believe all workers deserve to be treated fairly and with respect. This includes women, Indigenous workers, LGBTQI+ workers, disabled workers and migrant workers.  

3. Jedi Expert advice and support

Unions help their members get ahead in their working lives. Every year, unions help thousands of workers get the skills they need to get further in their career.

They work with industry leaders to deliver training that is backed by research and targeted to industry needs. Unions also provide opportunities to network with other workers and employers in your industry.

4. Joining is the right thing to do for the galaxy next generation of workers

Being union means standing alongside 1.8 million other working people who are fighting for a better life every day.

If you want a fairer Australia, joining your union is the best way you can make a difference.

So what are you waiting for?

Join the Rebel Alliance

4 reasons to join your union today

4 reasons to join your union today