Work Health and Safety

Another dark side of insecure work: The scourge of sexual harassment in insecure workplaces

Date Published: 21/10/2021
Category: Work Health and Safety

We know that insecure work can have several poor economic outcomes for workers. However, what is rarely talked about is the how safety issues, like sexual harassment, are often compounded by these exploitative business models.  A new survey commissioned by the ACTU found that 26% of retail workers and 22% of health workers reported experiencing…

Reassessing workplace safety is crucial to economic recovery

Date Published: 15/10/2021
Category: Analysis Covid-19 Work Health and Safety Working life

As vaccination rates creep closer to the National Cabinet thresholds for economic reopening in lockdown states, many workplaces are preparing to expand their operations in a new context, writes Lauren Piko

Insecure Work is putting people at risk, here’s why

Date Published: 15/10/2021
Category: Work Health and Safety

We know that insecure work is a disaster for workers, and new research by Australian Unions has revealed just how dangerous it can be. Our recent survey found that more than two thirds of insecure workers didn’t take time off when they were injured or ill. Why? Because they feared it would negatively impact their…

Now’s the time to take a mental health day

Date Published: 07/10/2021
Category: Work Health and Safety

October 10 is World Mental Health Day. It’s got us thinking about the other type of mental health day and just how important it is to take one.

The hidden epidemic of work-related mental health issues

Date Published: 06/10/2021
Category: Work Health and Safety

A new survey has revealed mental health as the fastest growing challenge to the safety of working people in their workplaces.

Have you faced age discrimination in the workplace?

Date Published: 01/10/2021
Category: Work Health and Safety Workers rights

Age discrimination in the workplace is more common than you might think. But what is it and what you can do if you experience it?

Are you being bullied at work?

Date Published: 15/09/2021
Category: Work Health and Safety Workers rights

To help protect yourself from bullying in the workplace, we explain what bullying is and isn’t, and what to do if it’s happening to you.

Vaccination is an act of solidarity

Date Published: 08/09/2021
Category: Work Health and Safety

Australian Unions has launched a national campaign to encourage working people to get vaccinated to support essential workers and those who have lost their jobs because of the pandemic.

The cost of workplace mental health issues is staggering. Here’s how we can change it

Date Published: 14/05/2021
Category: Work Health and Safety

Workplace mental health issues are costing the economy $200-220 billion per year. Changes to safety laws will be good for workers and the economy.

Will Minister Cash vote to protect workers’ mental health?

Date Published: 07/05/2021
Category: Work Health and Safety Working life

Working Australians are counting on Minister Cash to better protect them from mental health hazards, writes Chloe Ward