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Covid positive abattoir workers forced back to work

Date Published: 14/01/2022
Category: Work Health and Safety

Teys Australia will force South Australian abattoir workers who are COVID positive to report for duty at work on Monday.

Symptoms at work? You have the right to leave

Date Published: 13/01/2022
Category: Work Health and Safety

But if you’re in a sweat because you’re worried about leaving work due to having Covid-19 symptoms – don’t be. It’s your right.

New workplace mental health guide for health and safety representatives

Date Published: 29/11/2021
Category: Work Health and Safety

Work is a significant factor in people’s mental health. We know that meaningful, rewarding, good work can impact positively on our mental health. Equally we know that issues such as high workloads, customer and client aggression and poor workplace relationships can adversely impact on workers’ mental health. Just like physical health and safety hazards, such…

National Asbestos Awareness Week

Date Published: 26/11/2021
Category: Work Health and Safety

Australia’s asbestos legacy still impacts thousands of people Australia’s asbestos legacy still impacts thousands of people every year.

The verdict is in: Safe workplaces are union workplaces

Date Published: 17/11/2021
Category: Work Health and Safety

We all know it, but now we’ve got the numbers to prove it. Union workplaces are safer than non-union workplaces.

Lifting the floor in transport and logistics benefits everyone

Date Published: 05/11/2021
Category: Work Health and Safety

Over recent months, the global supply chain crisis has attracted increasing media attention, writes Lauren Piko

Young people are one of the biggest victims of insecure work. Here’s why.

Date Published: 04/11/2021
Category: Work Health and Safety

Have a chat with almost any young worker and you’ll quickly find out that work/life isn’t what it used to be. Now, we have the data to prove it.  The ACTU’s Work Shouldn’t Hurt report found that, of the respondents aged under 24:  3 in 10 workers have experienced sexual harassment Over a third (37%)…

Another dark side of insecure work: The scourge of sexual harassment in insecure workplaces

Date Published: 21/10/2021
Category: Work Health and Safety

We know that insecure work can have several poor economic outcomes for workers. However, what is rarely talked about is the how safety issues, like sexual harassment, are often compounded by these exploitative business models.  A new survey commissioned by the ACTU found that 26% of retail workers and 22% of health workers reported experiencing…

Reassessing workplace safety is crucial to economic recovery

Date Published: 15/10/2021
Category: Analysis Covid-19 Work Health and Safety Working life

As vaccination rates creep closer to the National Cabinet thresholds for economic reopening in lockdown states, many workplaces are preparing to expand their operations in a new context, writes Lauren Piko

Insecure Work is putting people at risk, here’s why

Date Published: 15/10/2021
Category: Work Health and Safety

We know that insecure work is a disaster for workers, and new research by Australian Unions has revealed just how dangerous it can be. Our recent survey found that more than two thirds of insecure workers didn’t take time off when they were injured or ill. Why? Because they feared it would negatively impact their…