Tell Scott Morrison to reinstate JobKeeper

The Prime Minister has abandoned the successful JobKeeper program that supported millions of working people during the pandemic.

Instead, he has announced a JobWrecker payment program, which will not guarantee a single job and will actually radically cut support to workers.

The new payments will not be available to anyone until the fourth week of a lockdown, are 20 per cent below the full-time minimum wage and come with no requirements for employers to keep current employees in their jobs, much less keep paying them. Workers who have already been let go get nothing.

JobWrecker will harm workers and their families, and hurt small and local businesses. And if there’s one thing the past 18 months have taught us, it’s that you simply cannot heal the economy by hurting workers.

Can you send an email to the Prime Minister right now to tell him that he must restore JobKeeper immediately?

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