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No more excuses on aged care reform – Australia’s nurses

Date Published: 15/03/2021
Category: On The Job

An immediate and comprehensive overhaul of the system is literally a matter of life and death for tens of thousands of Australians living in aged care.


Risk far from over for the arts industry

Date Published: 12/03/2021
Category: On The Job

Performer and producer Maeve Marsden said it has been a tentative return for many in the arts industry post the pandemic shut down.


Wage theft back if IR Bill passes

Date Published: 11/03/2021
Category: On The Job

A federal Senate inquiry will today hear that the Government’s proposed Industrial Relations Omnibus Bill will be a disaster for workers who are already struggling to make ends meet amidst the worst economic downturn this century.


Women hit hard by COVID recession

Date Published: 09/03/2021
Category: On The Job

The COVID-19 recession has been an economic calamity for millions of Australian women and its impact on their financial wellbeing could linger for decades to come according to a new report released by the Grattan Institute.


Closing the gender pay gap – there’s an app for that

Date Published: 05/03/2021
Category: On The Job

Like most women, speaker and journalist Meggie Palmer felt frustrated when confronted with gender pay gap data. But within the disheartening stats, she also saw possibility.


Aged care report demands swift reforms

Date Published: 02/03/2021
Category: On The Job

When it comes to looking after our elders, Australia simply must do better.

That was the powerful theme that emerged from the report from the Royal Com-mission into aged care released on Monday.


Serving up abuse and exploitation – Australian horticulture’s dark secret

Date Published: 01/03/2021
Category: On The Job

Australian dinner plates are carrying an uncomfortable secret.

The abundance of high quality, relatively cheap fruit and vegetables that we are serving up at mealtimes comes at a much higher price to those whose job it is to harvest it.


It’s time to disrupt the normalisation of sexual harassment in the workplace

Date Published: 25/02/2021
Category: On The Job

Hospo Voice activist Grace Dowling has a clear message when it comes to sexual harassment in the workplace, “Just because it’s everywhere, just because it’s common, just because it’s rife, doesn’t mean it’s fine.”


Sexual harassment in the workplace a structural problem

Date Published: 24/02/2021
Category: On The Job

Writer and academic Professor Catherine Lumby says shifting workplace cultures of sexual harassment is “a very, very long historical process.”


UK Uber ruling a huge win for workers

Date Published: 24/02/2021
Category: On The Job

Is the jig finally up for the gig economy?
Last week’s landmark ruling in the British Supreme Court that Uber drivers in the UK were employees rather than sole contractors may have kicked a giant hole in the low pay, no responsibility business model that the tech giant and others like it have relied upon.